Faithful Dog Waited Three Months outside the Hospital for His Owner Infected With COVID-19

There has always been talking about the fidelity of pets and very particularly about the love and loyalty of dogs to its owners.

Several studies show what are the main reasons that explain the fidelity of dogs to humans.

It is often heard that the dog is man’s best friend. For thousands of years, humans and dogs have lived in a relationship very dependent on each other, to the point of developing a mutual understanding that few species share.

Many people believe that dogs are faithful to humans only because they depend on them for food and shelter, so they have to behave. But despite this, there are many cases in which dogs show fidelity that escapes that idea: their reactions when the owner returns home after a long period of absence, the sadness when they are left for a long time, or some famous examples that go viral worldwide.

Unfortunately, this was not the case “Xiao Bao”, the faithful dog.

“Xiao Bao” is a dog that waited for three months outside the Taikang Central Hospital in Wuhan City, without knowing that its owner had already died.

The old man had died five days before after being admitted because of COVID-19 last February. Despite this, his faithful dog, a seven-year-old mongrel named “Xiao Bao” (little treasure in English), refused to leave the place.

During all this time Xiao Bao was fed by medical personnel. On April 13th, after the city of Wuhan lifted the quarantine restrictions and the supermarket inside the hospital reopened its doors, one of the managers tried to get him out of there but to no avail.

Xiao Bao’s loyalty won the hearts of more than one pet lover on Facebook: However, some patients expressed their discontent at seeing a dog wandering around the hospital and complained to the heads of the institution.

Thus, the nurses contacted the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Society. Whose members welcomed “Xiao Bao” and are looking for a family to adopt him.

The faithful dog was one more example of the loyalty and love that pets come to feel for their owners.

Man with COVID-19 fired his dog in a touching way

In a video recorded in Cabo San Luis and published on the Metropolix page, you can see what happened between a man and his pet, the only being that kept him company in these difficult times that millions of people have to live, finding themselves confined to their homes, complying with the quarantine in the middle of the state of emergency.

The clip shows the moment of the sad farewell of a man infected with Coronavirus and his pet. The scene was as heartbreaking as the patient kept hugging and crying in front of his dog, which left him alone. The man had to be separated from his dog by paramedics.

Seconds later, the man was transferred in a capsule by the paramedics themselves, the same ones who were dressed in their biosafety implements to avoid possible COVID-19 infection and following the health protocols imposed by the WHO.

The moment has been so sad and moving, it is evident that the Mexican citizen had no one else in his life, only his little pet.

There is a close relationship between these animals and humans, so much so that many are the cases where the dog is usually the only companion of their owners; they become their faithful friend, with whom they live, with whom they spend their free time.

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