Costa Rica, Giving the Example In the Fight Against COVID-19 for Latin America

Today, Costa Rica continues to be the country in the American continent with the lowest rate of deaths from the COVID-19 Pandemic, which has plagued all the world. Costa Rica has successfully contained the disease and has the lowest mortality rate in Latin America: 0.81 percent. In addition to having more people recovered than active cases due to COVID-19.

Costa Rica advances in scientific research to find an effective treatment against the new Coronavirus.
One of these is the use of plasma with antibodies from patients recovered from COVID-19 to create a serum to be used in patients with active severe cases of the disease.

Investing more in health and less in weapons.
Since the army was abolished in 1948, the country has used these saved resources for strengthening the health system and investing a quarter of the national budget in this. All citizens can access free COVID-19 tests in case of presenting the symptoms associated with the disease. It is important to know that the Costa Rican government has also released health recommendations for people to put into practice to protect themselves from the disease.

10 thousand online consultations for COVID-19.
Recently, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) reported that health specialists from the entity made 9,846 remote medical consultations to confirm suspected COVID-19 patients.
These consultations were carried out by residents of Family and Community Medicine who are under the coordination of the Center for Strategic Development and Information on Health and Social Security (Cendeisss).

The executive president of the CCSS, Román Macaya, stated: “this Program constitutes a fundamental pillar of strengthening the First Level of Care of the CCSS and through it, providing health services remotely and in a timely manner to confirmed or suspected patients of Covid infection”, said Macaya.

They also announced that such consultations are made by phone or videoconference, from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. All this in order to offer direct and effective attention to people, in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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VIABeleida Delgado
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