Color Therapy: an Alternative for Holistic Health

People react according to the variations of their environment and it is proven the influence of color in our organic functions.

How does color influence people?

Even if you prefer blue, a soft green light would put you in a good mood, and exposure to red light will tone your heart activity. Colors help us show our true selves because, just like nature, we reveal who we are by the colors we attract.

Through color, we begin to understand energy and vibrations, and how they affect us. Everything on this earth is made of vibrations of light.

Each color provides a different energy level.

Color, sound, and movement are three areas of priority attention for humans; all three contain the key to our well-being. Through color, we begin to understand energy and vibrations, and how they affect us.

What medicinal effects does color have?

Conventional medicine has ended up admitting chromotherapy or color medicine as a valid treatment system. It is a fact that the harmony that colors emit mobilizes the body’s self-therapeutic forces and can initiate the stabilization of psychic life.

Colors positively stimulate the body, eliminating accumulations and blockages as well as toxins, in addition to enhancing the optical work of the immune system.

Colors are all around us.

Colors are not only around us but also within us. It is only a matter of knowing how to activate them up properly.

The essence of Color healing.

It consists of producing a molecular reaction in the body using color rays. Chromatic irradiation is currently used as a supportive treatment or for preventive purposes. It consists of using color projectors with a reflective incandescent lamp sustaining a minimum power of 60 watts or normal incandescent lamps in combination with color filters that are used in photographs to which the patient is exposed in cycles during programmed sessions.

This consists in that when the patient is lying on a stretcher, an orange ray will focus on the head, this will help to combat anorexia. And another ray of red color will focus on the face and the chest and will help to further improve the patient’s concentration. Light treatments that require the use of special lamps and color filters must be administered by a specialized therapist.

Colors are a special kind of medicine for each type of person depending on their specific needs.

Because colors are not only around us but inside us, you just have to know how to stimulate them up properly. Each color is assigned specific therapeutic qualities since each one has its complete correspondence in the inner microcosm of humans.

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