Costa Rica Recycled 90% of Glass Produced for National Consumption

    This figure was achieved in 2022, becoming the country in the region that recovers the most post-consumer glass

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    Recycling glass is a process that makes it possible to take advantage of all the recovered material, and to achieve up to 100% incorporation into the new glass formula through a simple smelting process.

    Country in the region that recovers the most post-consumer glass

    Costa Rica reached a record last year, recovering and recycling 90% of the glass produced for the national territory. In other words, it recovered 356 metric tons of material per million Costa Ricans, which makes it the country in the region that recovers the most post-consumer glass.

    “Because glass is a container made from natural raw materials abundant in nature, and because of its characteristic of being 100% recyclable and infinitely, it is the most sustainable packaging material,” explained Gerald Jiménez, head of Image and Corporate Affairs of Grupo VICAL.

    This material, which is recycled, becomes up to 43% of the raw material used to produce new containers, according to the company. This contributes to the environment, since the amount of waste that reaches landfills is reduced, as well as energy consumption.

    Luis Alejandro Conejo, coordinator of Recycling for Grupo VICAL, commented that “this is the fruit of the effort made since the time of the pandemic, when we began to recover door-to-door glass. The sum of this initiative and the excellent alliances we have with municipal and private centers have allowed us to achieve these important figures in glass recycling”.

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