Costa Rica is Pure Nature

    Two exotic Tico landscapes to rediscover, full of authenticate nature

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    In Costa Rica you can always find exciting activities. Sail the high seas, walk around the majestic volcanoes, take a horseback ride along the Caribbean beaches, a trip through the trees practicing Canopy or perhaps enjoy walking through the suspension bridges.

    Tortuga Island ParadiseIsla Tortuga

    Also discovering the spawning of Turtles in Tortuguero National Park. Do not miss visiting the wonderful Isla Tortuga and the Tortuguero National Park, discovering the spawning of Sea Turtles.These are only some options of the great amount of exciting activities for you in our country.

    Isla Tortuga

    A destination that has gained great popularity among Ticos is Isla Tortuga, a paradise located in the waters of the Pacific near the coast of Puntarenas. This place has enjoyed the Ecological Blue Flag for more than nine years (BAE), a distinction that is awarded to the beaches of Costa Rica that are free of contamination.Also, due to its geographical characteristics, the waters surrounding Tortuga Island are turquoise in color, which are optimal for swimming.

    How to get to Turtle Island?

    If you think of paradise, surely something similar to Tortuga Island comes to mind, it is a super quiet island accessible by boat from Jaco, Puntarenas or Herradura. You can only hire a one day tour as there is no hotel or restaurant for staying there. The water looks like an ideal pool to take a leisurely swim while kayaking. You are sure to see some colorful fish, striped octopuses, and even sharks and dolphins.

    Tortuguero National Park

    A main turtle breeding ground in the Caribbean, Tortuguero National Park is the habitat and nesting ground for four of the eight species of sea turtles worldwide.Known for its meandering rivers or canals and beautiful lagoons, this area is also home to the famous manatee, which is in danger of extinction.

    One of the best destinations in the world to enjoy nature at its fullest, this small country is internationally known for being the first spawning place in the northern hemisphere for the green turtle. Its beaches are protected areas for turtle nesting.

    An experience that you can only live in Costa Rica

    A unique experience to see them spawn at night in a respectful way in organized groups with a guide.Dressing in dark and without flashlights or photos that interrupt the laying of 120 eggs per specimen, you can amaze at this natural spectacle.

    Tortuguero is a magical place full of beautiful navigable channels that cross the exuberant jungle, and as if that were not enough with the coasts bathed by the Caribbean Sea.Finally, do not let anyone tell you, discover for yourself these exotic landscapes that only Costa Rica has.
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