Costa Rica Has Everything to be a Great Country

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    Costa Rica has everything to be a great country, but there are people determined that it is not like that. We have the natural resources and human beings to achieve a society that allows a good quality of life for the greatest number of our inhabitants. That people have their basic needs satisfied and that there are opportunities for them to develop fully as human beings, this must be our fundamental mission.

    Why are there people who do not want their compatriots to live better?

    The institutions that were founded in the 1940s are the ones that have stood up to this difficult situation; In other words, they were designed and built to help Costa Rican society have better opportunities in education and health. The Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS) and the University of Costa Rica (UCR) are sister institutions that have fulfilled this task.

    Why do certain people want to accumulate endless amounts of money?

    There are people who do not understand, nor will they understand, that money is only a means and not the end of life. We are finite, we are mortal, and having money is not enough for a person to fully develop in their passage through this world. There are individuals who do not care that there are other human beings who do not have to eat, they simply do not care.

    The objective of every Costa Rican should be that their countrymen live better and develop fully as human beings. That goal, it seems, is far from the thinking of certain groups of the Tica society. This way of proceeding has led us to an inequity of such characteristics that, unfortunately, it supposes a setback of more than fifty years; In simple words, only those who have a panoramic historical vision can see the negative impact that the last thirty-five years of our history have had.

    The main problem we have today is the lack of knowledge that most people have of identifying those who really pull the strings of power. People recognize some politicians, but they are not able to point to the individuals who have led us to this reality. The problem is not that there are a few rich, the problem is that there are many poor citizens.

    The juncture in which we find ourselves is a turning point in Costa Rican history. Unfortunately, there is not much hope that these dominant groups will give up in their efforts to obtain greater economic, political and ideological power;

    It is about what some authors have called the pessimism of reason, that is, being clear about the actions of these groups in the last three decades, leads us to a rational pessimism. Less can be expected of the ruling political class at this time. The politicians who are in making decisions are, with few exceptions, incompetent; not so much because they may or may not have many studies, but because they do not have clarity and much less common sense to govern.

    Very difficult and complicated months await us

    Hopefully we can understand each other in all sectors and, above all, keep in mind those who have the least, those who deserve a better life. I hope that we will not make the mistake of the eighties again, that is, the worst thing we can do is take resources away from such sensitive subjects as education and health.

    The most needy Costa Ricans deserve to have open the most important way to achieve social mobility in any society, health and public education must be vehicles to achieve greater equity in Costa Rican society.

    (*) Andi MIrom Filósofo

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