Costa Rica Companies say there is a “talent shortage”

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    Costa Rica News – If you’re seeking a job it is important to take into account what are the most difficult positions to fill for companies.

    According to the latest survey “talent shortage” Manpower Company in Costa Rica for 35% of companies have difficulty getting these ten staff positions: technicians, sales representatives, workers, production operators, secretaries, administrative assistants and administrative support staff, staff in accounting and finance, insurance personnel (officers and skilled clerical workers), skilled labor (technical or professional qualification), engineers, IT managers and project managers.

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    The short supply in these areas is due, in part, to cultural aspects as it tends to underestimate the technical careers.

    Technical careers see the most shortage of workers. There are professional level careers in which people invest a lot of money and time to finish training and when they look for work when they see that are in oversupply, because of this employers are struggling to find staff in technical areas such as in the area of technology, for many multinational companies.

    Another aspect that makes finding a job is the lack of English, even companies are requiring personnel with knowledge of a third language.

    The English language is no longer a plus , but a necessity.

    Knowledge of a third language or other languages is becoming increasingly important for example there is a greater interest for people that speak Portuguese, because of emerging economies like Brazil many companies cater to this market

    Companies are now seeking people who have asked soft skills (responsible, commitment, initiative, teamwork, attitude, ambition, etc.), who like to reach objectives and quantitative goals, achieve economic and specialize in the area that the company requires.

    Among the most sought after positions are civil engineers, mechanical and electromechanical systems, as well as professionals with degrees in IT and Project Management.

    Young people mostly are choosing careers in fields such as social sciences, and these areas are saturated. It is important that those who have been trained in the administration, hopefully achieving an MBA project because that is highly valued.

    The main areas to achieve a professional job are: a second language, and a degree like a Masters or BA.

    The talent shortage survey was conducted in the first half of 2012 and was released in November.

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