Costa Rica an Earthly Paradise to Retire

    Democracy, stability, "eternal" spring weather, waves, lush green, make the country, among other reasons, a paradise to retire

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    Above powers such as France and Spain, Costa Rica is listed as the best third country to retire in 2020, highlights the International Living site. Costa Rica attracts visitors with its tropical climate; low cost of living; world-class affordable healthcare; negotiate real estate; and natural beauty, ratifies the site specialized in promoting quality of life sites.

    Costa Rica appears in a list of 20 countries headed by Portugal and Panama.In the ranking of this site, the country appears above Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Spain, France and Vietnam.

    With a progressive government

    The country – International Living adds – has a stable democracy and a peace-loving culture. They abolished their army in 1948 and promised that budget for education and health care. Often called the “Switzerland of Central America”, it is known for its security, neutrality and good banking system, especially compared to many other countries in the region. The current government is progressive and LGBT rights are respected.

    Once you have acquired your residency, you pay between 7% and 11% or your reported monthly income, and the socialized medicine program is available to you. You can also combine public health care with a private policy. The country has three JCI-accredited hospitals and numerous private clinics, the site adds.

    You can live on $ 2,000 a month

    A couple can live a comfortable, but not necessarily extravagant, life for around $ 2,000 a month, Inernational Living quotes.

    One of the things you often hear from expats is how warm and welcoming Ticos (Costa Ricans) are. In general, they are wonderful people, eager to share the magic of their culture with foreigners. You’ll also find great expat communities to help you acclimatize to new environments and languages. I joined the girls dinner group and quickly joined women from all over the world. It was easy for me to make friends as many people move without knowing anyone and are often looking to make new friends.

    Pure Life 1
    Costa Rica: Pure Life

    The Pura Vida country, why?

    Pura Vida is a common Costa Ricanphrase. Although translated as “pure life”, this definition simply scratches the surface of a phrase deeply woven into Costa Rican culture, and used to convey anything from “hello” and “goodbye” to “big news” and countless statements in-between, consign said site.

    “People think that Pura Vida is an overused term,” says expat Graham Swindell. But when you understand it, you see why it is used so often.“For me, it alludes to a quality of life that is lacking where I come from. If I could sum it up in one word, it would be “appreciation.” It’s easy to lose your appreciation for things when you live in the United States, “he says.

    “Here, there is more time to stop and smell the roses. There is time to talk to people, and that seems very solid to me. Combine that with big waves, incredible weather, and a culture that places family, friends, and a laid-back quality of life above all else, then it’s easy to see why so many people come here for a week and end up staying a decade. . , or even a lifetime, “adds the publication.

    The great outdoors

    Costa Rica – International Living highlights – also has a loving outdoor culture, with activities from fishing, golf and horseback riding to hiking, diving and yoga. Plus, there are fewer processed foods and healthier options with an abundance of locally grown organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, and endless seafood. Most of the people I know who moved to Costa Rica have lost unwanted weight, take fewer prescription drugs, and are generally feeling better.

    And, with a dozen microclimates, there is a place for everyone to adjust to your personal climate preferences. Many people love the mild “eternal spring” climate of San José, the capital, and the entire surrounding Central Valley. Or the dry and hot beaches of Guanacaste, or the lush green landscape of the southern jungles, highlights the site.

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