Costa Rica Accuses Nicaragua of Misrepresenting ICJ Verdict

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) –Costa Rica believes that Nicaragua has distorted the most recent verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the United Nations, so the country asked for clarification before the Security Council, according to official sources.

    The Costa Rican ambassador to the UN, Eduardo Ulibarri, clarified that is not a formal complaint against Nicaragua, but a clarification about a document that Nicaragua’s representatives circulated among members of the organization.

    A Costa Rican Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that on July 16 the ICJ resolved two requests, one from Managua and another from San Jose, regarding the provisional measures on a bilateral border dispute.

    La Haya Court stated then that it would not change the measures imposed since March 2011, which include, among other things, the prohibition of any official personnel from any of the countries to enter Calero´s Island.

    However, the Costa Rican government has indicated that Nicaragua circulated a note among delegations of the UN in New York on August 5 twisting the facts, for it claimed that the ICJ had ordered Costa Rica to halt the construction of a border road.

    Thus, on August 7th Costa Rica sent a clarification letter to all members and to the Security Council.

    “Nicaragua misrepresented the ICJ decision, suggesting that the July 16th resolution had accepted its request for provisional measures to include the construction of the border trail,” said the source.

    “This is false, since not only did the High Court reject the request of Nicaragua, but also the call of the Court not to perform actions that could aggravate the dispute in relation to the presence of Nicaraguan organized groups in the disputed area, a fact that was proven and which Nicaragua failed to mention in its press release, said “the Foreign Ministry official note.

    “The fact that Nicaragua attempted to mislead the international community, distorting facts and ICJ decisions on issues that are currently known by that court is very serious for the Costa Rican government.”

    According to the Foreign Ministry, this situation reveals “an attempt from Nicaragua to manipulate international public opinion.”

    Both Central American countries have a border dispute since 2013 with two lawsuits that are being studied by the ICJ, amidst constant mutual claims. EFE

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