Nicaragua Continues Fighting Costa Rica and Colombia in International Court of Justice

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    Nicaragua claims that Colombia and Costa Rica want to take over the canal

    Last week Nicaragua’s representative to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Carlos Arguello, accused Costa Rica and Colombia, of trying stop Nicaraguan canal project from becoming a reality.

    “The claims of Colombia and Costa Rica have the same origin and is the desire of both Colombia and Costa Rica to take over any possibility of a canal through Nicaragua,” the official said via a phone call on Argüello Channel 4 local television, from The Hague, seat of the ICJ.

    Nicaragua has separate actions before the ICJ against Colombia and Costa Rica regarding other territorial disputes.

    The government Daniel Ortega has been promoting the canal project over the past ten years of to provide inter-oceanic transport for PanaMax vessels; the project is valued at 30,000 million dollars.

    According Argüello, with the application to the ICJ Costa Rica seeks to “own” the border river San Juan, one of the routes that Nicaragua could be used to build the canal.

    The Nicaraguan agent before the ICJ added that “the intention” of Colombia is “sever” Nicaragua “thousands of square miles” of an offshore platform in the Caribbean.

    “It’s a huge extent what we are discussing, will have enormous value for us and our posterity, there’s a great capital for Nicaragua, which has been denied for decades,” he said.

    On May 9 the ICJ began discussions on the dispute between Nicaragua and Colombia over the sovereignty of the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina and the maritime boundary between the two countries.

    In 2007, in response to preliminary objections raised by Colombia, the ICJ recognized Colombian sovereignty over the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, while it had jurisdiction to adjudicate on the dispute over the maritime boundary between the two countries.

    Arguello said Wednesday that, by next November the ICJ could issue a final ruling on the demarcation of the maritime border with Colombia.

    Nicaragua seeks will be recognized as its own 50,000 square kilometers of waters in the Caribbean.

    In addition, in late 2010 Costa Rica accused Nicaragua of invading its territory with military and civilian causing environmental damage to a wetland in the Caribbean border; a territory that both countries claim as their own.

    In March 2011, the ICJ issued precautionary measures you ordered both countries to refrain from sending civilian, police or military to the disputed area.

    In December 2011, Nicaragua reported to the ICJ that the Costa Rican construction of a 160 km road on the south bank of the river San Juan caused serious environmental damage to the “fragile ecosystem” in that area, which Costa Rica denies.


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