Chinchilla Pleased with Costa Rica’s Triumph Over NicaraguaThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, said that her country “has become a success in international negotiations” with today’s resolution of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which rejected precautionary measures requested by Nicaragua related to building a road.

“We are extremely pleased. Costa Rica has become a success in international dealings. That’s two victories backed unanimously by the Court,” Chinchilla said in a press conference.

Those two wins refer to the resolution today and last November, in which the ICJ reaffirmed and broadened the injunction against Nicaragua by Costa Rica related to an alleged invasion of their territory and environmental damage to a wetland protected by international conventions.

“The judges have done justice for Costa Rica and honored the fundamental values ​​of our country with peace, respect for international law and the protection of the environment,” she said.

Nicaragua sued Costa Rica before the ICJ in 2011 for allegedly causing environmental damage to the San Juan River on the border, Nicaragua’s sovereignty over the construction of a dirt road 160 miles tributary parallel to Costa Rica.

The ICJ Friday rejected a request for precautionary measures by Nicaragua, to ensure that no sedimentation showed that the river was caused by road works.

Chinchilla said that on December 19, Costa Rica will submit to the ICJ an environmental study of 800 pages to prove that there was no damage to the river.

The president said she will continue to drive the development of the road until the last day of her administration, which ends on May 8.

The route is known as “the border trail” because it is a rustic road almost impassable for vehicles, in which the authorities are working to place bridges and perform some works such as culverts and retaining walls. (EFE)

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