Costa Rica: A Hidden Oasis

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    Located on the coastlines of the Pacific and the Caribbean, Costa Rica is just a few hours’ away from America. This wonderful rugged and rain forested country has always been a great destination for surf and biological diversity seekers. This central American nation spreads across 800 miles of shoreline and massive stretches of protected reserves and rainforests, a real nature-lovers’ paradise. You can expect to expect a warm welcome from the Ticos, the locals of that country. They’re always eager to share their ecologically rich home with tourists. Are you an adventurer? Seek solace in the volcano-heated hot springs, lush river valleys and cloud forest which makes Costa Rica.

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    It is believed that Costa Rica is the ideal destination, as per marketing experts. This rich coast stands far away from the central American countries and boasts many trends: sustainable tourism, farm to table dinners and surfing activities. It is also one of the world’s best biodiverse countries which are made of half a million of species: from small insects to bigger ones which devour them. Most of their wildlands are also strictly protected by the law. The government of Costa Rica balances modernisation with green energy, and without any need for an army, the country is one of the safest.

    Costa Rica offers a massive number of outdoor adventures like rainforest hikes, brisk high-altitude trails, rushing white-water rapids and surfing. You can have fun through activities which come in every size and shape- from zipline to hot beaches. And, the national parks let people get a glimpse of nature and clouds while beaches offer surfing for both beginners and experts. You can’t decide yet what to do? Given the country’s small size, you’ll get to try all the activities! While you plan the perfect trip to Costa Rica, you might need some inspiration! At Lucky Pants Bingo, you can already dive deep into lush jungles or you can meet a diverse crew of animals through the many available online slots.  You’ll find different animal or nature related symbols, which will make you feel like part of the forest.

    Wildlife in Costa Rica almost seems like cartoonish; you’ll see keel-billed toucans ogling at you from treetops while scarlet macaws can just jump in front of you. You can even catch sight of sloth on the branches or you can even admire caiman on mangrove swamps. Keep your ears wide open and you might hear the rustling leaves which announce the arrival or capuchins, or you can hear the sweet cries of howler monkeys. Watch closely for blue morpho butterflies when you each orchid-festooned trees and look the waters to look at colourful fishes, sharks, rays, dolphins and whales.

    As per a recent study, it has been stated that many Costa Ricans live longer. It is because they have the ‘pura vida’ mindset- they are always positive! Once you touch the soils of Costa Rica. . .  lose yourself on a surfboard or yoga mat, visit the bat-filled caves or volcanic peaks, do some hiking and biking- and you’ll feel like your return date is your biggest enemy.

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