Construction of 3-Level Intersection in the North Beltway Project Will Start Next October

MOPT Took Possession of the Last Property to Carry Out the Road Works in La Uruca

The construction of a 3-level intersection in La Uruca, which is part of the North Beltway project, will be a reality when starting next October. The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) announced last Saturday that they took possession of the last property necessary for this road work, which is known as Functional Unit I.

“We estimate that in counting with this land, in a maximum period of 2 months we would start with the road works in this functional unit of the project, that is to say in next October”, said the engineer in charge of the project on the part of the National Council of Roads (CONAVI), Carlos Jiménez. It is a land of 4,620 square meters, which was owned by the company AGROMEC.

The Functional Unit I contained within the North Beltway project includes a 3-level intersection with an approximate length of 600 meters, which will be located at La Uruca to join the new highway with the North American Highway (Route 1), and San José-Caldera (Route 27).

A virtual model of how the North Beltway project will look like

The 1st level will be a step less than 2 lanes per direction and their respective doorways. This corresponds to Route 108, radial hub La Uruca; it will allow the passage in an east-west direction and vice versa.

On the 2nd level, a traffic circle will be built; it will allow drivers to maneuver towards the 4 cardinal points with 2 lanes per the traffic’s direction.

Finally, the 3rd level will be located in an elevated passage with 4 lanes in each direction, which will give continuity to the beltway, allowing users to move north-south and vice versa.

The works in the Functional Unit I will be carried out simultaneously with the other 3 sections that will complete the road. The North Beltway project has a cost of US$ 163 million, which is financed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) and its development is carried out by the Estrella Consortium.

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