San Jose Diversidad Festival is back this year with a lot of reflexive videos and history presentations concerning sexual diversity. The third edition of this activity will conclude with a history workshop and a movie aiming to raise awareness of sexual discrimination in the society.

“Diversidad” March Festival

The Equal Rights Association (FDI in Spanish) has been organizing the festival in the Gay and Lesbian Pride month since 2015.

This time, the event comes with a historical exhibition called “Let’s make out” (“Vamos a besarnos”) which broaches the history of the LGBT community. The exhibit has been available since May in Barrio Amon, San José. There will also be LGBT cinema at the Costa Rican Center of Cinematographic Production in Barrio Amón.

“Diversidad” is a movement that arose with the objective of raising awareness of sexual diversity through LGBT movies and videos. The film is focused on the society’s reaction to sexual diversity and the LGBT community” – says Amanda Castro, “Diversidad” co-producer.

Workshops during the Pride month:

  • “Orientation, identities and disabilities”: it’s about sexual orientation and disability.
  • Politics and LGBT activism in the political arena.
  • Sexual diversity and scientific speech: this conference seeks to debunk myths and taboos.

All these activities are a complement of the Pride Awards and the LGBT march.

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