Consolidation of bonds between two nations

San Jose, Costa Rica. Family farmers and officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, attached to the programme “Progress with solidarity” (Prosoli, by its initials in Spanish) of the Vice President of Dominican Republic, the Ozama Foundation and of the Student Welfare Institute (Inabie, also in Spanish) visit Costa Rica to exchange experiences and good practices on sustainable food production, marketing and consumption.
Of agreement with FAO, more than 80% of the food consumed in the world comes from family agriculture, so it is a key sector to ensure food security and the eradication of poverty.

FAO promotes South-South cooperation as an effective mechanism for the exchange of innovative solutions and thus contribute to the achievement of the goals of sustainable development. In the framework of the project “Improvement of feeding family and school through agricultural production units” and promoting community networking of the nutrition and food security and with the support of the Mesoamerica without hunger program, promoted by FAO and AMEXCID, for four days, producers and officials of Dominican Republic will be a field trip to Costa Rica knowing the experiences of Chorotega and Brunca regions.

There you will know more about the experiences of the program of feeding school and public procurement to family agriculture, its associative system of delivery of vegetables and the strategy of production and marketing in protected environments, among other practices.
The exchange will contribute to strengthening the processes of care differential to family farming.

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