Traditional Festivals in Costa Rica

    Get to know the tico culture and Pura Vida lifestyle by celebrating the traditional Festivals

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    Every country has its folk festivals over the year. So does Costa Rica. They are the oldest social roots of a culture. Some of them are traditions passed down from generation to generation. Others are celebrated in new, modern ways and attract many domestic and foreign visitors. Taking part on these traditional festivals in Costa Rica, is one of the best ways to get to know the tico culture and what “Pura Vida” is about.

    This monthly overview will show you when the most beautiful festivals in Costa Rica are celebrated, where they take place and what they are about.

    January – Festivals in Costa Rica

    Along with the new year, high-season is about to start in Costa Rica. A rush of tourists and domestic visitors is celebrating in beach near cities. No doubt, the weather is ideal for Festivals. Dry days are motivating people to go out, occassional afternoon showers are refreshing them to continue.

    Fiesta Típicas Nacionales Santa Cruz

    Where? Santa Cruz
    When? Second week of January. Next Date: 14.01.2017
    What about? Rodeo, bullfights, religious procession, music, dances and a beauty pegeant

    Las Fiestas de Palmares

    Where? Palmares
    When? Second half of the month. Next Date: 12.01.2017
    What about? Horse shows, running of the bulls, carnival events

    February – Festivals in Costa Rica

    envision festival

    February is one of the best months for a visit in Costa Rica – not only because of the perfect weather. Moreover, it is out of US holiday season, you don’t have to pay extra surcharges. This offers you perfect conditions for visiting some festivals in Costa Rica. Furthermore, turtle nesting season is about to begin.


    Where? Uvita
    When? Late February. Next Date: 23-26.02.2017
    What about? Yoga, transcendent music & art, spiritual workshops

    Fiesta Cívica de Liberia

    Where? Liberia
    When? End of February. 23.02.-05.03.2017
    What about? Carnival and beauty pageant

    March – Festivals in Costa Rica

    The sunshine continues during the first half of the month. But pay attention to occasional rising prices! They will shoot up at the end of March if it corresponds with North American Spring Break and Semana Santa, the week leading up to Easter.

    Jungle Jam

    Where? Jacó
    When? Mid-March. Next Date: 10.-12.03.17
    What about? Music – all about Downbeat-, Lounge- und Nu-Jazz Sounds, Dub and Reggae

    Dia del Boyero

    Where? Escazú
    When? Second Sunday in March. Probably on 12.03.2017
    What about? A colorful parade and a blessing of animals

    Festivals in Costa Rica

    Feria de la Mascarada

    Where? Barva
    When? Sometimes during the last week of March. Inquire locally.
    What about? Parade through the town with massive colorful masks which weigh up to 20kg

    April – Festivals in Costa Rica

    When Easter and the preceding week, Semana Santa, fall in early April, beaches can be very crowded and prices pretty high. But even though the rainy season is about to start, Nicoya and Guanacaste are still very dry and hot with very little rain.

    envision festival

    Dia de Juan Santamaria

    Where? Most festive celebrations in Alajuela
    When? April 11th of each year
    What about? Parades, concerts and dances honoring the national hero of Juan Santamaria

    May – Festivals in Costa Rica

    With the begin of the country’s low season, prices start to sink. This is why May is an excellent season for a low-budget traveling trip.

    Día de San Isidro Labrador

    Where? San Isidro
    When? May 15th
    What about? Largest agricultural fair of the country

    June – Festivals in Costa Rica

    While the Pacific side of the country gets pretty rainy, it offers good conditions for surfers. Travellers of this season profit from discounted rates.

    Día de San Pedro & San Pablo

    Where? Villages of the names San Pedro & San Pablo
    When? June 29th
    What about? Celebrations with religious processions

    July – Festivals in Costa Rica

    Particularly on the Caribbean coast, July can turn out to be pretty wet. But the month also enjoys a short dry period sometimes. Ticos call it varanillo, which means small summer.

    Fiesta de la Virgen del Mar

    Where? Puntarenas & Playa del Coco
    When? The Saturday closest to July 16th.
    What about? Colorful, brightly lit regattas and boat parades

    Día de Guanacaste

    Where? Guanacaste & Santa Cruz
    When? July 25th
    What about? Celebrates the annexation from Nicaragua, rodeo in Santa Cruz

    August – Festivals in Costa Rica

    Even in the middle of the rainy season, you might get lucky with some bright and sunny mornings. Tourists who don’t mind a the rain will enjoy some great deals and surfers some great waves.

    Las Virgen de los Angeles

    Where? From San José to Cartago
    When? August 2th
    What about? Religious procession honoring the patron saint of Costa Rica

    September – Festivals in Costa Rica

    The middle of the rainy season is the cheapest time to visit the Pacific side. As you can’t get sunburned at the beach, use your time to explore some national festivals in Costa Rica.

    Costa Rican Independence Day

    Where? A party throughout the country.
    When? Ends on September 14th in the evening in Cartago
    What about? A relay race passing a ‘Freedom Torch’ from Guatemala to Costa Rica

    October – Festivals in Costa Rica

    envision festival

    October is known as the wettest month in Costa Rica. Many lodges and tour operators rest until November.

    Día de la Raza

    Where? Puerto Limón
    When? October 12th
    What about? Street parades, music and dancing celebrating Columbus’ historic landing

    November – Festivals in Costa Rica

    The weather in November is unpredictable. It can be very sunny, but also quite rainy. But at the end of the month usually the sky clears up.

    Día de los Muertos

    Where? The Cementario Central in San José
    When? November 2nd
    What about? Visiting graveyards and religious parades all over the country

    December – Festivals in Costa Rica

    The beginning of the month is a great time to visit Costa Rica. The weather gets better and attractions are usually still pretty uncrowded. But towards Christmas travelers should make reservations well in advance.

    Las Fiestas de Zapote

    Where? San José
    When? Between Christmas and New Years Eve
    What about? Rodeos, cowboys, carnival rides, fried food and booze

    Fiestas de los Diablitos

    Where? Boruca
    When? From December 30th to January 2nd
    What about? Re-enact the fight between indigenous people and the Spanish

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