Catholic Church Creates Ethics Guide for Costa Rican Voters

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Catholic Church in Costa Rica released a document called “Rehabilitate Politics“, with the intent to give a “moral guide” for Costa Rican voters for the presidential elections in February.

    The document was prepared by Costa Rican bishops and with assistance from the popes Francisco and John Paul II, addressing issues such as, “the protection and promotion of the family”, the “ecological crisis”, and “social justice”.

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    The Church also recommended the faithful should defend life from the moment of conception, referring to the recent controversy over IVF and therapeutic abortion that have occurred.

    On the protection of the environment, the Catholic Church claims that this is a challenge for all “because it is defending and valuing a collective good.”

    The bishops also criticized corruption in the civil service and the “trivialization of speech and political activity,” which has become “a systematic practice” in the democratic life of Costa Rica.

    According to the Episcopal Conference, health, education, security, family, and decent work are crisis in the country, and that these issues need to be discussed in depth. (EFE)

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