Costa Rica Latin American Music ForumThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Costa Rica is hosting the Latin American Music Forum, which seeks to study musical contribution in the development of Latin American cinema.

The meeting takes place in the framework of the second edition of the International Film Festival “Peace with the Earth”, held this week in San Jose.

The space consists of forums to discuss the contribution of music in three areas: technology, identity, and social participation, reported the Ministry of Culture.

The activity will be attended by renowned musicians like Ritza Elvir, producer of Under Pressure Records (Colombia), Fernando Reynoso, member of Cumbia Misery of Guatemala, Alvaro Agurto, representative for Moka Records, Katia Cardenal (Nicaragua), and Jaime Gamboa, Costa Rican musician and member of Malpais Group, among others.

The forums aim to analyze the contribution of music in film and contributions made in the field of the social experiences related to the art of music.

Another topic analyzes the relationship between local music from small peripheral contexts to large industries, promoted by large multinationals. (EFE)

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