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    6 Benefits that Drones Provide to Companies

    Drones improve accuracy and productivity by saving time and money to companies

    Beware of ‘Pig Butchering’ Online!

    ‘Pig butchering’ is a money investment scam that begins as a love affair. This consists of taking the initiative and contacting a third party

    Innovative Technique Allows the Birth of the First Baby with DNA from 3 People

    This revolutionary technique involves the use of egg tissue from healthy female donors to create embryos through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) free of harmful mutations

    Professionals Who Invest In Soft Skills are Less Likely to be Replaced by Technology

    After the Covid-19 pandemic, it is evident that the use of emerging technologies in Latin American companies has increased exponentially in recent years

    Google Will Soon Launch Its Artificial Intelligence Chatbot in Spanish

    Also, it opened him up to 2 new languages, Japanese and Korean. “Starting with Japanese and Korean was starting to make our way.

    Astronomers Watch as a Star Swallows an Entire Planet: Earth’s Final Fate

    This natural process between the Sun and the Earth is expected to be completed within 5 billion years

    What Is Heat Stress that Scientists Call to Include in Heat Alerts?

    Advisories from weather services about heat waves should be based not only on temperatures but also include heat stress indices that take

    Scientists Create a Type of Rice that Could Grow in Soil on Mars

    In order to colonize Mars, humanity will have to rely on plant seeds that can grow and bear fruit on the planet's hostile surface, as spaceships will not be able to carry tons of food for such long voyages.Now,...

    This Is How a Strong Password is Built

    It can also be a phrase that makes sense and meaning for the user -and only for him-, or the title of a song and vary some characters to turn
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    Importance of the Right Atmosphere for an Ayahuasca Ceremony

    Setting the right atmosphere for an ayahuasca ceremony is crucial for ensuring a successful and transformative experience. Ayahuasca, a...
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