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    What is the Metaverse and How to Take Advantage of it?

    'Generation Z', financial companies face the challenge of developing portfolios oriented to the needs of these audiences

    Ten Costa Rican Software SMEs Will be Trained for Exporting Their Talent to Canada

    Through the contribution of 90% of the total cost of this Upload 2022 Canada Acceleration Program, the INA develops this scholarship

    The 24th Science, Technology and Society Conference CONCITES

    The 24th Science, Technology and Society Conference - CONCITES- and the 13th International Math Festival

    All You Need to Know About the New Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica will host digital nomads under a new tourist visa. This after a process that culminated in the signing of the Law...

    Regulation for Digital Nomads is Ready and Will Be Signed into Law Very Soon in Costa Rica

    the Digital Nomad Regulation would be ready, which would allow the formal arrival of remote workers

    Driverless Cars on Costa Rican Streets Would Soon be a Reality Thanks to the Convergence Between 5G Network and Wifi 6

    Experiencing remote-controlled automotive mobility through the streets of Costa Rica would be just one of the many

    Law That Promotes the Construction of Telecommunications Infrastructure in Costa Rica is Recognized

    The Chamber of Info communication and Technology (INFOCOM) celebrates the enactment of Law 10,216 "Law to encourage and promote the construction of telecommunications infrastructure in Costa Rica", which eliminates barriers to operators for the deployment of networks through which...

    Scientists Develop Human Skin with Self-Healing Ability Intended to Coat Robots

    Almost like a science fiction movie, a group of Japanese scientists has made a kind of water-repellent human skin with organic and artificial materials, which can self-heal and is destined to cover robots, according to a new study published,...
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    How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

    As a loving pet owner, keeping your dog healthy and happy is of utmost importance.
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