Can You Travel to Costa Rica With Babies and Young Children?

    The answer is yes!

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    Traveling with young children means looking at the world as if you were here for the first time. You are sure to see them enjoying every new thing as if it is the most amazing thing they have ever laid eyes on, therefore you don’t need anything too great or glorious to keep them interested and entertained.

    Traveling around Costa Rica with young children on a family vacation is exactly that and more, because every beautiful tropical flower on a trail, colorful food in a small restaurant, an animal hanging from a tree on the beach, or a pleasant breeze from a stunning viewpoint do the trick.

    Costa Rica is also a wonderful place to travel with a baby. First of all, it is very safe. There are not many crimes and you do not have to worry if the food and water are clean. If your child is on solid foods, feel free to let him try exotic fruits and even try local specialties.

    There are also many things to do with babies. From visiting national parks and reserves to hanging out at the beach, there are plenty of places to bring a baby. Costa Rica is also a fairly small country, so it’s easy to plan a trip that doesn’t require too much driving.

    Tico family life

    Family life is very important to all Costa Ricans. Most people live close to their parents, aunts, and uncles, and they all care about everyone’s business, in a good way! That is why in all the places where you walk with your baby or your baby, Costa Ricans will welcome you and give the whole family a break while making your baby laugh, teaching something or encouraging their own children to play and interact. with you. Your child will make friends, young and old, wherever you go!

    Some practical aspects to keep in mind

    – Most, but not all, restaurants have high chairs available. Usually, they are not the plastic ones that you are used to, but the wooden ones made by hand with a Tico touch.

    – If you need a crib, obviously make sure you stay in a hotel that offers one. Many of the larger hotels (especially the chains) have them and some smaller ones as well. If you end up staying somewhere without one, you can always bring or buy a simple Pack ‘n Play when you get here. However, keep in mind that depending on where you are visiting, it may not be convenient to find one and it will probably be expensive.

    – Car seats or booster seats are required in Costa Rica for children 12 and under. Although Costa Rica has a car seat law, it is often not enforced. You will see unrestricted children in the back seat or even in the front of a car. Families sometimes even travel with their children on motorcycles when they cross the city. Still, as a visitor, be sure to comply, as the fine for not complying with the law is 198,000 CRC or around 400 USD.

    – One thing that is difficult when traveling with a baby in Costa Rica is the lack of stations to change babies. You will very rarely find them in restaurants, even good ones. You can sometimes see them in rest area type restaurants, but it is unusual. Be sure to bring a travel size changing pad for changing diapers on the go.

    – While breastfeeding in public in some places is controversial, that is not the case in Costa Rica. In fact, it is the exact opposite here. Most mothers in Costa Rica breastfeed and do so openly.
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