Can the Earth Summit follow-up Rio +20 make a Difference?

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    (TCRN) – The region’s largest environmental conference, the Rio+20, is being held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil on June 20 for 3 days to discuss safe guarding the planet for the coming generations.

    World leaders along with thousands of people from around the world will converge in Rio for this event. While some critics are putting little behind this event, thinking it has little chance to accomplish anything, others are see it as an important dialogue that need to be tabled.

    The Rio +20 is organized by the United Nations (UN). How it got its name – it’s being held twenty years after the Earth Summit that was originally held in Rio.
    At the original Earth Summit, U.S. President George H.W. Bush was in attendance; President Obama is not expect to put in a showing, at the Rio +20.

    U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and newly elected French President Francois Hollande will be in attendance.

    The goals of the Rio +20 are essentially to safe guard the planet during the exploding global economic growth and to ensure environmental policies and procedures, become globalized in step with industry and economic growth, and addressing the “potentially catastrophic” gap between the ecological footprints of rich and poor nations. Peripheral issues like burden on the wealthy vs. poor countries, human rights, water access will also be discussed.

    Many are hopeful the conference will lay the foundation for sustainable goals, set targets for consumption and production and governance policies. Others are dismissive, comparing it to the failed Kyoto Protocol attempt to manage climate change.

    Brazil is the ideal location this summit and the best example in the modern world for renewable energy; in 2010 44.8 percent of the Brazil’s total energy consumption was from renewable energy and is foretasted to rise to 46.3 percent in 2020. Further, Renewable energy in Brazil accounted for more than 85.4% of the domestically-produced electricity used in Brazil by 2009.

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