Real Estate Continues to Grow in Guanacaste

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    Guanacaste continues to be one of the best places in Costa Rica for foreign investment, especially in real estate. According to Guanacaste news sources the regi0n is growing at slow but steady pace, several major real estate projects are currently being developed in the area, and few others are expected to begin to develop in the upcoming months.

    One of these mega real estate projects is Las Catalinas. The project consists of building a friendly, lively and sustainable beach town in playa Danta, north of Bahia Potrero, where residents can connect with nature and other people.

    Las Catalinas sits on 1200 acres, out of which only 20% are being used for building. The rest of the land will be dedicated to reforestation and to creating natural trails for walking, hiking and biking.

    The project began to develop in 2009, and even though it has been growing at a slow pace, the first portion of the town has been recently completed. This area includes seven homes, some of which are available to rent, and they frame beautiful plazas and pedestrian streets
    “We are developing this project inside the New Urbanism concept, which promotes walkable neighborhoods and sustainability. We promote efficient use of infrastructure and preservation of habitats and farmlands,” said James Berry, VP at Las Catalinas.

    Las Catalinas Community has also set up a restaurant, Lola’s del Norte; a store and coffee shop; Pura Vida ride, which offers tours and activities to residents: an equestrian centre; and a 10k-single trial for walking, hiking and biking.

    People interested in living at Las Catalinas have two options: they can build their homes at the beach town, closer to the beach and other neighbors; or they can choose a more private hillside home site at Punta Penca.

    Although Las Catalinas is a private property, it is open for everybody. Visitors have access to ample shade, safe and free parking, showers, clean public bathrooms and others.

    “We are building an inclusive town; we want a town with people full of life,” added Berry.

    Another major real estate project in the area is the Guanacaste Country Club (GCC). Though at first the development of the project was uncertain, the construction of the club has been confirmed by Frank Biden (brother of the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden), Wesley Stumbo (partner at Bluegrass Equity) and entrepreneur Craig Williamson, who are the main investors of the project.

    The Guanacaste Country Club will be located in Liberia, just a few minutes away from Daniel Oduber International Airport.

    The project stands on a property of 834 hectares, but only 247 will be used for construction. The GCC has five development phases and it represents an investment of $106 million.

    The project will begin construction next year and it is expected to be completed in 2016.

    The Guanacaste Country Club will include 1000 houses and 200 condominiums. All homes are LEED certifies and prices start at $245,000. Lots sizes range from 200m² and 4000m².

    In addition, the GCC will offer its residents luxurious amenities such as a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course and academy, tennis courts, swimming pools, a children’s play park, a health center and anti-aging clinic, among others.

    Williamson indicated that the project was planned to begin construction in 2010, but they had to spend the last three years looking for investors.
    Among the plans of the developers of the Guanacaste Country Club is to make a commitment with the community. For that reason, they plan to build an art center for Liberia and a school. In addition, developers plan to employ people from the Guanacaste region as part of the staff.

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