The World of Business Is Changing – Have You Noticed?

    These changes are going to create some big shifts in our world.

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    Something extraordinary is happening in the world of business, and it is going to create some very big shifts in our world. The world of business is changing. While we regularly see news about the affairs of ‘big business’, we rarely hear much about what is happening in the world of small businesses.  Yet this field of small businesses is contributing to some very big changes in how people are doing business.

    People want out of the standard employment model.

    business is changing

    How many people do you know who actually like their jobs?  How many people do you know of, or have heard of, who are leaving the corporate world because they just can’t tolerate their jobs any longer.  People want out.  The lack of purpose most employees feel in their jobs is leading them to take a look at something entirely different.  How many people do you know of, or have heard of, who are suffering from burnout, or work-related depression, or taking long sabbaticals to explore the world.  Or how about those who are willing to go all the way – quit their corporate job, and are willing to take the risk and start their own business?

    The old entrepreneurship model isn’t working either.

    business is changing

    Thousands of people have made the leap into entrepreneurship, and started their own businesses.  How many new products, services, and innovations have come from these back-yard businesses?  But to really succeed, any small business needs to find an investor, get funding, and then ultimately end up working just to make more money.

    Then making more money becomes the driving force behind what was once a vision worth working for.  It doesn’t take long for that new business to become just like the old business-model when the primary focus is making more money.  That old entrepreneurship model is not working.

    The new model is based on collaboration.

    Rather than continuing to support the ‘each man for himself’ business model, more and more people are realizing that collaboration can achieve even greater success.  By sharing new economic concepts.  By sharing and helping, this creates an entirely new business model, and points to a new direction of success.

    The Internet has broadened our world of possibilities.

    More new businesses are becoming more Internet-savy, and really harnessing its power.  Through the Internet, the separation ends and barriers fall, and collaboration begins so that new businesses can now access the world.

    business is changing

    Internet is giving the ‘little guy’ a voice, a venue to express it, and a whole new marketplace.  Previously our worldview was controlled and manipulated by the media conglomerates.  They told us what to think, who to vote for, and what to buy.  But they are no longer the only source of news or information any longer.  Using the Internet, individuals can research and explore new thinking, they can make better informed choices, and can explore new options.

    Consumerism is being replaced by ‘lowsumerism’.

    business is changing

    More people are realizing that the newest and latest car, iPhone, or pair of shoes is not what they are looking for anymore.  These are not what they need any longer.  More people are choosing alternative modes of transportation, more people are choosing alternative ways to shop – used clothing stores or even clothing swaps, used furniture stores, sharing cars, offices, and even housing.This slower way of life, with attention to quality of life has been named ‘lowsumerism’. Those companies that are reliant on mass consumerism are going to lose their market as more and more people make the decision that more is not necessarily better.

    This slower way of life, with attention to quality of life has been named ‘lowsumerism’. Those companies that are reliant on mass consumerism are going to lose their market as more and more people make the decision that more is not necessarily better.

    The shift to organic and healthy foods.

    More and more people are making healthier choices when it comes to what they eat.  They have learned about how toxic and even poisonous foods produced by the mega-farms can be to their over-all health.  And they turning to alternative sources of produce such as farmer’s markets, and back to the small, local farms for their food.

    business is changing

    As they change their shopping and eating habits, they will force change on the corporations who will need to adapt to this new market or lose their customers.  This new diet of healthy foods has the potential to ultimately reshape the economy.

    Spirituality has become main-stream.

    No longer is spirituality for those woo-woo and mystical fringes of society.  Think back only 10 years ago.  How many people knew about or even practiced yoga, meditation, reiki, gigong?  Now look around you today, and ask that same question?  You may be surprised by the sheer number of people involved in these regular spiritual practices these days.

    business is changing

    More and more people are exploring – is there life after death, what is quantum physics, why does meditation work, what’s this energy ‘thing’ that so many are talking about?  Even in the health fields where so many are discovering the benefits of alternative medicines to treat serious illness, and achieving life-changing results.   Schools are even using the benefits of meditation for their ‘problem’ students rather than detention.  Businesses are incorporating meditation into their workplace for their employees, and recognizing the benefits for their bottom line.

    Alternatives in education.

    More and more parents are rejecting the standard school system for a wide variety of alternative forms of education for their children.  Whether that is a Montessori school, home-schooling, or even un-schooling where kids learn based on what they are most interested in.

    business is changing

    Rather than being forced to comply with old education policies and philosophies, many parents are exploring ways to encourage and enhance creativity, innovation, and independent thinking in their children.  Can you only imagine what types of adults these kids will become?  Imagine what types of businesses they will go on to create?  And what kind of world they will want to live in?

    Now look again – can you see how many ways that people, businesses, economies, eating habits, education, and even spiritual growth are changing our world?  And amazingly many haven’t even noticed … yet!  But it’s coming.  Business is changing. Change is the only constant in life.

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