The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Otto Guevara, head of the Libertarian Movement, has set a goal for a 25 to 50% price reduction for imported cement in Costa Rica.

Currently, a bag of cement costs about ¢5,513 ($10.21 USD) for 50 kilograms (about 110 pounds); with the provisions suggested by Guevara, the price could be lowered to ¢2,756 per bag.

Guevara sent a request to the Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade , Welmer Ramos, to be reviewed, which will eliminate two provisions of the Technical Regulations RTCR 383: 2004, thus reducing the cost.

Guevara claims that the two provisions (Articles 8.1 and 9.1.6) create two barriers for packaging and marketing cement in the country, mainly because they favor expensive foreign businesses operating in the country, rather than supporting local producers.

The two measures declare that 50 kg cement bags must be sold within 45 days after the date of packaging, making it very difficult for other companies decide to import, due to the risk involved with losing product.

According to Guevara, if the two provisions are deleted, companies could import cheaper cement into the country and have more competition besides the two foreign companies that produce the material in Costa Rica. (Amelia Rueda)

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica