Donating bone marrow is a simple procedure that can save the life of a patient with cancer in the blood.

In one of the salons of the San Juan de Dios hospital is Daniel, a patient with blood cancer who received a bone marrow transplant.

His recovery is favorable and according to doctors in a few days, he will be discharged.
The transplant that Daniel received is one of the main treatments to fight against the disease that suffers.

Donation of bone marrow has nothing to do with the spinal cord, located in the spine, or with the nerves and is not dangerous for the donor.

It is rather a procedure similar to blood donation.

In Costa Rica the donation of marrow is made from family members of the patient but not always a 100% compatible donor.

However, the search for that ideal bone marrow will be more effective when the umbilical cord stem cell bank that is developed in the San Juan de Dios enters into fusion.

It is estimated that only 25% of patients find a compatible donor in their families.