In the world, there are at least 5 “blue zones” or places where there is longevity among its inhabitants in conditions of good health. This is what Jorge Vindas, founder of the Nicoya Peninsula Association, recalls, a “blue zone” located in Costa Rica.

There, in Nicoya, there are 26 people older than one hundred years for every one hundred thousand inhabitants, which far exceeds 13 centenarians per thousand inhabitants, which is the national average. The other “blue zones” are in Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Greece and Loma Linda, California.

costa rica blue zone

Vindas mentioned that in his opinion there are many keys to explaining the longevity in this “blue zone”, but two particularly noteworthy: a strong family social network, with great care and love, and strong faith and spirituality.

“To that is added a healthy diet, get up and go to bed early, live a country life. And most importantly, they reached that age, between 90 and 100 years or more, without having known the stress ”


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