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    Huge Differences Between Today’s American and Costa Rican Cultures

    One of the smartest guys I know told me this last week.Given that so many other countries are having horrible times with their quarantines,...
    Resonance Costa Rica

    Resonance: Together To Win

    Tiny Costa Rica offers a little something for everybody. Great tourist attractions, sunny weather, a stable democracy, rule of law, an excellent geographical location,...
    experiential travel costa rica

    Experiential Tourism in Costa Rica

    Is to live new experiences within the journey or trips we make in our constant search for harmony and inner peace using tourism as...
    costa rica rio celeste

    The Treasure of Nature in Costa Rica

    The Central American country has an incredible biodiversity and offers visitors a paradise in which it is worth disconnecting from email and cell phone. The...
    costa rica blue zones

    Keys for Longevity in Costa Rica’s Blue Zones

    In the world, there are at least 5 "blue zones" or places where there is longevity among its inhabitants in conditions of good health....

    Learn About ‘Pura Vida’: How to Use It and Where It Came From

    If you are going to visit Costa Rica and you want to learn the local Spanish language, it's easier than you think. In fact,...
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