Being Happy is an Everyday Decision

Talking about your happiness does not mean going to the psychiatrist

Being happy is a goal that we all want to come up with different ideas on how to achieve it. It’s easy to think that being happy is a result in itself, but learning to feel good despite the circumstances is the key.

Mental health is an essential concept in being happy

Being happy, that is the right to live within a psycho-emotional balance, is a multidisciplinary concept that contemplates, in addition to medical and pharmacological concepts, aspects that have to do with how we interact with the world around us, the environment, social interaction, education, culture, beliefs and friendships that ultimately unfold. It is about being here and now, and who we are by gender, culture and social role.

Each circumstance should helps us to be a little happier

It is true that sometimes circumstances can be the most favorable to feel happy with yourself and well, however there are certain actions that we can put into practice to improve our general attitude towards life.

 For you, what is being happy?

Being happy is a complex and difficult word to define, especially since the path to happiness is different for each of us. It is true that  some of the factors that affect happiness may be beyond our control (such as genetics or certain circumstances). But there are always actions to be happy from the moment we take to expand our feelings. Happiness consists of making small decisions to feel good, work well, and doing good to others.

What can you do to decide to be happy?

What can you do to decide to be happyHappy people realize that happiness becomes a habit, that they are not victims of circumstances. Nor do they pursue happiness in other people or material possessions.

It is true that some days you can feel better than others (maybe the weather affects you or some particular date) but if you greatly increase the total number of days per year you decide to feel good and be happy, you are on the right track.

Seek happiness within you

Happiness must begin with oneself. This idea, involves believing in oneself, enjoying what one is and giving the importance we deserve. Avoid the misleading and unproductive demands of others.

Set yourself achievable, but ambitious goals

If you propose something impossible, you are ruling out the possibility of success beforehand, but if you propose something very simple, you are telling your brain the possibility of aspiring to more and not feel dejected.

Do not stop smiling

When you share your smile, a world of possibilities opens up around you. Furthermore, a smile is an infallible letter of introduction to the world.

Stay away from negative, toxic or gossipy people that harm your happiness

A person who is always unsatisfied, interprets reality from the darkest possible side, and inevitably radiates that energy in his environment thus damaging happiness. A good company is more influential than we think.

Be grateful

With the surrounding environment, with personal reality, with loved ones, with life. Giving thanks for the things that make us happy is an act that helps to value what one is and has.

Being happy is an everyday decision, and it’s on you to make.

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