Ballet: A Trendy and Elegant Way of Expression

Staying Fit In A Classical Style

Dance has been the oldest expression of human feelings. From prehistoric times, the breath itself and the beating of the heart served to grant the first cadence to the dance. The origins of the dance are lost in time since in its ritual and social aspect it has been an act of expression inherent to the human being, as well as other forms of communication such as the performing arts, or even the plastic arts, as shown by cave paintings. Dance has been an act of socialization in all cultures, carried out with multiple means of expression.

While thinking about ballet, some only imagine thin girls who think only of discipline, this dance is full of passion and challenges. In recent years many women decided to dare to enter the world of ballet for its innumerable benefits for the body and beauty and elegance of their movements. For some years, ballet has even been a trend among celebrities as part of their exercise routines to stay in shape. There are many celebrities who have chosen this discipline as a physical activity, among them is Miranda Kerr, Sarah Jessica Parker and many of Victoria’s Secret angels. You will always be on time to start enjoying the benefits that the amateur ballet offers to all people who love this art.

One of the purest expressions of beauty and movement is precisely ballet. A dance that represents the perfect union between an orchestra and the body of dance, with a choreography that, without words, must narrate a story in such a prosaic way that it shakes of feeling to all the public. In these representations each movement of the dancers represents the maximum unity between body and mind since to achieve the perfect movements that allow the balance and strength that the combinations of steps require, each muscle of the body must be in tension without losing, therefore, the elegance and delicacy that characterize the ballet.

When the dance became ballet?

It is practically impossible to locate its origin in space and time since it is only known by written or artistic testimonies, which begin with classical civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Rome). On the other hand, since ancient times there has been a dichotomy between dance as a folkloric and popular expression and dance as art and spectacle, integrated into a group formed by dance itself, music, choreography and set design. Some historical testimonies situate the beginnings of dance as art in ancient Greece and in more modern times, the consideration of dance as art, more properly called ballet, began in the Renaissance, although the genesis of modern ballet could be placed rather in the 19th century with the Romantic Movement.

Classical ballet is a form of dance whose movements are based on total and absolute control of the body, which must be taught from an early age. To develop professionally in ballet usually begins studies at three or four years, since ballet is a discipline that requires concentration and capacity for effort as an attitude and way of life.

Unlike other dances, in ballet, each step is encoded. Participate invariably hands, arms, trunk, head, feet, knees, the whole body in a simultaneous conjunction of muscular and mental dynamics that must be expressed in total harmony of movements.

Here are some benefits of ballet:

Energy, mobility, and muscles

If you practice this discipline, a few weeks after starting you will notice an increase in your energy, you will improve your agility and your muscles will be toned and lengthened.


This will require a little more time and effort, but the truth is that there is a 100% chance that you will improve your elongation with the ballet, thanks to better blood circulation, less muscle pain and, just like a virtuous circle, you will prevent injuries during exercise and inflammation after exercise.

Good posture

The ballet, no matter how old you start practicing it, will give you a good posture. This is because to dance you must “enlarge your chest”, which is a consequence of a muscular work of the back. This way you will get a better support to do your daily activities.

Balance and coordination of movements

Related to the above, having a good posture, elongated muscles, and sufficient elasticity, you will achieve a good balance and coordination; this way you will avoid to a great extent the risk of falls due to instability.


To achieve a step or correct posture, more than 20 corrections can be made: the tension of the arms and legs, stretching elbows, elongate neck, right posture, wide chest, outstretched feet, high weight, among more details to which is added keep a broad smile. If we consider that music is added to all this and that we must dance, we can understand why people who practice ballet have a greater concentration.Expand your social circle

Expand your social circle

As in any other activity, you can interact with new people and find similarities with them. Although competitiveness and reserved and uncrowded people usually appear in some ballet companies of great world prestige, if you enter the world of ballet for beginner adults, you will be able to make real friendships and generate a great connection with your bar mates.

SOURCEOtto Pereda
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