Are You Not Being As Productive Like Before? Don’t Worry: It’s Completely Normal

    You are not lazy; you're just having a burnout

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    Sometimes it is difficult to understand, but it works in a similar way: when the body is pushed to its limits or continually exploited, it gets tired, atrophies. To cure it, from the start you have to stop and give it an opportunity for recovery. The same goes for our minds. In a culture in which we favor hyperproductivity, the body is exhausted. Worst? We usually see this as laziness and lack of commitment. However, it is far from it. This has a name:

    burnout. And like any injury, it has to be taken care of.

    Burnout starts out very small. You skip lunch once, twice, work overtime, and when you least expect it, your life is a bed-desk-bed-desk spiral that never ends. A bit like you are living on autopilot. With the passage of time, you are so exhausted that your brain begins to cloud, and you do not give for more than the minimum that is expected of you. And in a culture where without visible progress there is no progress, you start to label yourself a lazy person. It is a horrible spiral, but it has happened to all of us, and it may happen more than once.

    However, the beauty of hitting bottom, especially the first time, is that, if you take advantage of the occasion, these lows are the perfect setting for you to acquire new tools and skills to get out of this on future occasions. You will know yourself on your weakest side and know how to understand yourself and what you need to get ahead.

    Here are some tips to guide you:

    Don’t play superman

    When you are a victim of your own burnout, it is common to read tips such as “go for a run”, “li, pia your whole house”, “visit a friend“. However, how are you going to give that extra if you barely function enough to give your bare minimum? It is contradictory, and if you try, you will only feel worse because you are only showing yourself something else that you are incapable of at the moment. Be good to yourself.

    Accept your situation

    As they would say in rehab groups, the first step is to accept your situation: you have burnout. It is normal. Don’t put reasonable zero expectations on yourself that you refuse to accept that you are a superior being who never tires and always scores a ten on everything.

    Where is your energy going?

    Now is the time to take an inventory. Think about all those things that you do almost without thinking: do you hear too many other people’s problems? Do the series you watch stress you out? Are you drinking too much? Do you accept commitments that you don’t even want to fulfill? It is not about you becoming a being of peace for the rest of your life, but it is about taking into account that energy is a limited resource, and if you are at a time when you do not have it in much quantity, it is worth the It is worth reflecting on what you are using it for. Analyze your life, without judging yourself, and see how everything you do makes you feel. As much as possible, remove the things that wear you out.

    Be strong

    Life is not easy and everything is a constant struggle. If you love what you do and cannot take a break, give yourself time to live your burnout, accepting that you have it but trusting that it is bringing you closer to your goal and that it will not be forever. Here it is worth emphasizing one thing: having a bad time is good and normal. Not all fatigue is burnout.

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