5 Tips to Promote Organizational Culture in Times of Remote Working

    Organizational culture defines companies or entities, and makes them different compared to others

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    As a result of the Pandemic, the practice of working under remote dynamics increased in Costa Rica and in the world, and it is here to stay. Most likely, in 2021 many companies will continue to operate under this modality, either 100%, or with hybrid scenarios.

    It is known that remote working brings great benefits to the company, the employee and even the family nucleus, however, if it is not operated properly, it could also be a potential component of affecting the organizational culture that identifies employees with the entity.

    Next, Amanda Arias Hernández, master in Human Capital, details some valuable aspects to promote organizational culture in the new normal:

    1. Communication: Managers must maintain clear and constant communication, seeking key moments in meetings to carry out innovative activities that work to remember institutional values and stimulate good practices.

    2. Virtual socialization: Promote spaces for informal communication, that is, periods in which colleagues can connect to discuss various issues that are not precisely the workplace. These periods of interaction are essential to generate bond, integration, collaborative work and loyalty between individuals.

    3. Business policies: It is key to have policies and monitoring techniques that are accurate and consistent with the organizational culture (without reaching excessive control). This will allow a work framed in the values and practices of the company. Policies are a set of conditions and practices that align behaviors, decisions and tasks carried out from homes.

    4. Real leadership: An important aspect to promote is the commitment of the collaborators towards the organization and has to do with the knowledge that the leader must have about his work team and with the support of the Human Talent office, ways to achieve the appreciated “engagement” (commitment) that the entity seeks. The company must also be coherent and act for the integral well-being of the subjects, because by increasing the sense of belonging in a person, undoubtedly, they will be willing to go the extra mile without hesitation or evasion.

    5. Celebrations: Having a culture of celebration of relevant events and achievements will avoid feeling isolated. In this case, a calendar is recommended with aspects such as birthdays, graduations, births of children, etc., but also those related to the institution such as: corporate anniversaries, fulfillment of business goals, successful closing of negotiations, high sales figures, results outstanding performance, among others.

    A great challenge

    Organizational culture defines companies or entities, makes them different compared to others, introduces the DNA and personality that the founders or owners selected for the business and is maintained over the years by hiring collaborators. showing a compatibility of values. Therefore, it is not feasible to allow atypical or crisis situations to undermine the effort made to maintain the essence of the company. This implies a great challenge for leaders, however, if the effort is not made, the consequences could be disastrous.

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