Archaeologist Discovers Pre-Columbian Sphere in Its Original Site, in Palmar Sur de Osa

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    Last July, a group of archaeologists from the National Museum of Costa Rica found a new pre-Columbian stone sphere in its original site, in Palmar Sur de Osa. From the monolith found, the archaeologist Francisco Corrales has been investigating since December 5th near the first stone found, since there is a cobblestone of pre-Columbian origin.

    His work resulted in the discovery of another sphere last Wednesday, at Finca 12, in Palmar Sur de Osa, very close to the one discovered last July.

    Those spheres will not be removed

    The National Museum of Costa Rica reported that the spheres will not be removed. “When we find these artifacts in situ, we are very happy, because we can carry out deeper investigations about the societies that inhabited the area”, the institution reported. According to the Museum’s experts, this case could be a very important archaeological monument, associated with Finca 6, a site that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    When the first sphere was discovered, stones from the river, fragmented ceramic material and remains of stone tools were also found, aspects that Corrales considers a reflection of the presence of an ancient indigenous settlement.

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