An AmericanVirtual Store Sells Costa Rican Coffee “Fortified” with Cannabis Compounds

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    It is no secret to anyone that Costa Rican coffee is highly valued in international markets, so much so that in 2018 a quintal of very high quality coffee from our country achieved a record price of $ 30,000 per quintal (46 kilos).

    100% of our coffee is of the Arabica species and of the Caturra and Catuaí varieties, which produce a higher quality bean and a cup with better characteristics: it is a pleasant, aromatic, and fine drink, as detailed by the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (Icafé) on its website.

    Not in vain the bags of our golden grain are sold at high prices outside our borders. An example of this is the American virtual store Jane West, where a 240 mg (12 oz) bag of Costa Rican light coffee sells for $ 48.

    But in this store our coffee has an additional ingredient: CBD, which is nothing more than Cannabidiol, a natural compound found in the resinous flower of Cannabis.

    Jane West is an American Cannabis activist and the head of the Cannabis lifestyle brand Jane West. She is also the founder of the Cannabis networking organization Women Grow.

    She recently launched a line of products related to Cannabis use, which has received the support of investors from different parts of the world. Among these products, in addition to coffee, it sells lighters, glassware (the well-known pipes), capsules and rollers, just to name a few items.

    Regarding the sale of Costa Rican coffee, this is what the product description on its website reads:

    “Our Light Roast variety comes exclusively from coffee farms of the CooproNaranjo coffee cooperative, in the hills of north-central Costa Rica”.

    “The medium-light roasted beans produce a rich, medium-bodied cup, with well-balanced notes of almonds, chocolate, fruits and sweet malt with honey”.

    “Jane West CBD Coffee uses all-natural processes to infuse responsibly sourced fresh roasted coffee beans with full spectrum CBD derived from organically grown Colorado certified hemp.”

    And on the Coffee Bags comes the following description:

    “100% Arabica coffee beans. Unique origin from Costa Rica. Fortified with full spectrum CBD extract derived from organically grown Colorado Hemp.”

    Pros and cons of CBD

    The organization ProjectCBD explains that “CBD does not make a person feel ‘high’ or intoxicated; That is, it does not contain psychotropic effects such as drunkenness, vertigo or euphoria, which does produce THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and for which Cannabis is famous”.

    Different specialized publications review that small doses of CBD help improve treatment for multiple sclerosis, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and even Parkinson’s. Up front are the cons of CBD abuse, particularly the effects on loss of appetite, increased fatigue or changes in metabolism and even liver failure, drowsiness and infertility.

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