Along The Bamboo Route

    An Interdisciplinary Show of Metaphorphosis

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    “How to free ourselves from the points of subjectivation that fix us, that nail us to the dominant reality? Start the consciousness of the subject to turn it into a means of exploration, ripping the unconscious out of significance and interpretation to turn it into a true production is surely neither more nor less difficult than ripping the body out of the organism” Gilles Deleuze

    We invite you to live a sensory and choreographic experience, and ask yourselves once again “where is the world around us going?”. Through disciplines such as dance, magic, theater and aerial dance, we confront this era in which the concept of person is replaced by that of percentage. Bamboo is a metaphor in this work, to preserve flexibility even in the rigid structures that often contain us.

    The cast of this work is made up of the creative interpreters: Thelma Darkings Bucknam, Elmer Gamboa Cubillo, Felipe Alvarado González, Sol Pardo Carballo, Karen Hidalgo Montoya, Daira Serrano Petyuh and Roy Rodríguez Saborío, under the technical direction of Keylor Rojas Fernández and the artistic direction of Sol Carballo. The original music was composed by Carlos Pardo Mannucci and the scenery designed by Vequium.

    Next Friday, July 9th at 5:45 p.m. The show “Along the bamboo route” will be premiered at the Dance Theater located in the CENAC (formerly FANAL). This short season will only take place that weekend. The performance on Saturday 10th will be at 5:45 p.m. and Sunday 11th at 5:00 p.m. The entrance has a cost for the general public of ¢ 6,000-, and for students, seniors and members of ANATRADANZA of ¢ 4,600-, both VAT included.

    What is Interdisciplinary Metamorphosis?

    It is an independent interdisciplinary artistic group with more than 22 years of experience under the direction of Sol Carballo. METAMORFOSIS works on innovative proposals that fuse contemporary dance, theater, music and circus arts.

    It has appeared repeatedly in the 7 provinces of Costa Rica, participating in cultural and artistic festivals and in different events in urban and rural communities. The group has also made more than 13 international tours as a guest to participate in artistic festivals in Cuba, Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico.

    It has made more than 24 theatrical seasons in the main theaters of San José, as well as participated in Festivals organized by the National Theater and the Melico Salazar Popular Theater.

    Among the awards, it has been recognized for original music (1999, Honorable Mention of the National Culture Awards for Werner Korte and Carlos Pardo for the arrangement and composition of the music for the work “La desaparición de la Santa”), at the Graciela Moreno Choreographers Festival (2005, “If you want me to move my body away, I’ll take it off the tablecloth …”, choreography chosen among the 5 best) and at the National Cultural Awards (2007, Best Dance Group). It has had incentives from the Ministry of Culture and Youth such as ProArtes, Becas Taller and Iberescena.

    Biosafety guaranteed

    During the entrance and development of the event, all the protocols established by the Ministry of Health for the prevention of Covid-19 will be applied. It will be necessary for the public to use a mask.

    Ticket sales will be made only from the electronic ticket office, which will be available up to 15 minutes before the show starts:

    The normal capacity of the theater has been reduced and is limited to 65 available seats. The seats are numbered, located by bubble, and most importantly, the system only allows you to buy by full bubble. For more information on how to buy tickets and advice in this regard, the phone number 8383-3920 is enabled.

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