A New Technique Promises Breasts Enlargement without Pain

A procedure that is less painful than traditional surgery is readily available in Costa Rica

The incorporation of new technologies in the operative processes makes the path easier and more flexible at the time of undergoing some surgical operation, either for health or aesthetics. This has allowed that today women can choose to undergo a breast augmentation operation without having to be exposed to the pains of the past.

This technique is known as the “Interpectoral block” (Pec’s block I), which is guided by an ultrasound. In this method, the nerve that distributes terminals in the chest area is selectively obstructed precisely in the place where the implants are placed.

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In the use of traditional techniques, it is common for patients to complain repeatedly of pain or discomfort in the entire chest area, due to the process previously used in the framework of the final phases of the operation. While with this new technique of blockade, they will not experience such pain and thus have an optimal and satisfactory recovery.

Process of the nerve block

This new technique allows the anesthesiologist to use a smaller dose of anesthetics during the process. It has been perfected for some years making it increasingly useful and effective. As well as reducing the pain of the postoperative process or alleviating it in its entirety. The interpectoral block allows reducing the dose of painkillers, which are prescribed for this type of aesthetic surgeries thus reducing the side effects that this type of medicine can have on your health.

It is important to note that this type of surgical procedure is not used for aesthetic purposes. There are also a number of patients who decide to undergo this type of intervention for other reasons such as reassignment of sex, breast cancer or recovering from accidents that spoil the female silhouette.

The technique in detail

The cost of the procedure in several countries of the world including our country, Costa Rica, where this technique has already been implemented in several opportunities, ranges between US$ 3,300 and US$ 4,300.

It is very important to talk to your doctor about the budget for this type of breast implant

Likewise, since the interpectoral block is guided all the time by ultrasound, it also includes the fees of the plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist who will monitor the development of the surgery. The budget also has prostheses that will be placed as the final point of the operation.

The same amount also includes other elements such as the use of the operating room, all subsequent control related to recovery, exams to monitor the final result of the placement of the prosthesis, likewise this budget will cover the expenses of laboratory exams, electrocardiogram, chest plates and all the requirements that are needed after the surgery process.

As an additional point, it is worth noting that for this type of surgery patients must have at least 18 years of age. This is because the technique is minimally invasive and avoids pain, so any patient including those with diseases such as diabetes can be adequate candidates for this type of breast augmentation.

Costa Rica is a pioneer in the manufacture of breast implants

Making a wonderful contribution to this new technique for breast augmentation, our country is consolidating itself as a reliable manufacture of this type of implants, and the industry has evolved greatly nowadays in our nation.

These implants are manufactured using technical craft-work ranging from 3D scanners to details that are made 100% by hand implant by the implant. This in order to take care of every detail to the fullest.

It is important to highlight that to achieve a much more natural result, this process of implants creation is carried out in an almost complete artisan way, requiring specific and detailed techniques.

High-quality Tico breast implants

Within the implants are placed different types of fillers, the properties of our silicone are of optimal performance both in viscosity and elasticity. This is the third generation of gel created here, the idea is to evolve and every day finds a better way to make these implants with the closest characteristics possible to the natural breast.

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SOURCEYesenia Mujica
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