A Complete Guide for Video Marketing Basics Required By Startups

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    Videos have become a prime part of content marketing tactics these days. No doubt, attractive and exciting videos increase web traffic by 80%. The originality of videos and marketing using the motion picture is not new, but the strategies used to make the video viral on social media platforms are. It is more of a social media strategy than a video marketing strategy. One can treat this block as a comprehensive guide to use video as a marketing tool for your business’s success.

    Let us quickly start from scratch!

    How Is Marketing Connected with Videos?

    Online presence using text-based marketing requires a catalyst. And that is videos for you. Ideally, the videos help in

    • Promoting your brand and the product or service
    • Increasing Customer Engagement
    • Educating customers about the product or the service
    • Increase the Customer Base

    Videos – From One Element to a Complete Strategy

    The beginning of content marketing saw a surge in best SEO practices. While this was happening, text-based marketing strategies started to evolve. Blogs, business articles, and social media posts came into existence. Such activities started becoming mundane but still on the fray while making a master marketing plan. The advent of videos came in as an element earlier. It was just a segment that allowed people to watch and understand. 

    But the social media marketing strategies gave a completely new outlook to the videos. There is a continuous increase of users on social media platforms. Hence, the number of videos posted daily also increases like the users. The increase in user base in the social platforms surged the video-making process to an unprecedented scale. 

    Or it can be the other way, too. Either way, the video making and marketing using that became a whole new business strategy as such. If you are not making videos of your business, you are way behind your competitors, and there are chances that the customers might forget you. 

    Different Types of Marketing Videos

    Now, let us begin to understand the different types of videos you can make to take your business to the next level. 

    1. Videos of Demonstration: These are videos that explain to the customer about a product. It can be software or a physical object. Have you seen videos of unboxing cellphones or laptops? That’s a Demo video.
    2. Videos Enhancing Brand Image: This is majorly utilized as a master strategy. Such videos shall be made viral among the audience to learn about your company’s vision and services. These are attractive videos that create awareness about your organization.
    3. Videos of Events: This is a trend these days – capturing any conference or a fundraiser, or an event and posting it on social media. Mostly, CSR activities are filmed, but some companies post a round table discussion too.
    4. Interviews: You can find such videos on YouTube for hosting an interview session with industry experts and adding value to the brand. Your company’s CEO can be a participant too. It is one of the ways you can build trust among the audience. It becomes an involuntary endorsement made by the third party if you invite a celebrity or a well-known personality.
    5. Instructional/ Educational Videos: Such videos are primarily made by the sales team to create awareness of a product or a service. Such ‘How to’ videos are of a massive hit if struck the right chord. 
    6. Videos of Explanation: Such videos are also educational but address specific or multiple pain points. The pain is connected to the solution, and the solution will be your product or the service.
    7. Animation Videos: These are employed when one cannot explain a concept without visual effects. At the same time, the grasp percentage is more for animated videos. At the same time, audience reach and action also increases drastically.
    8. Testimonial Videos: How does a customer feel about your product or the service? It is required to win the trust of other customers. These videos have turned out to be video surveys these days and work parallel with marketing videos.

    There are other types of videos that you can use, like the

    1. Live Videos
    2. Virtual Reality Videos
    3. Augmented Reality Videos
    4. Personalized messages to customers can also be captured as a video

    It is ideally not about the cost but about the right strategy that marketing videos can give the best results. The master plan must have a separate block allocated for videos, and it must handle it simultaneously while your digital marketing team is focusing its energy on customer engagement. 

    If you are trying to create brand recognition by explaining images, making them interactive is the way to go. Explainer videos are unforgettable, but interactive ingenuity takes place on the roof. This makes it difficult to forget the brand and will undoubtedly increase the click rate. Adding voiceovers using realistic text to speech tools to your explainer videos makes them more engaging and interactive.

    How to Make Effective Marketing Videos – A Snapshot

    There are many steps involved in making a video that can use for marketing purposes. We shall see the top steps that your team must focus on. It sets the tone for your marketing strategy and developing the videos time and again. 

    Step 1: Planning

    As always, one must plan for the video before even getting into shooting mode. Ask this question to your team and yourself.

    • What is the Purpose of the Video?

    This question shall give you the proper perspective to approach the theme. It needs to be ascertained initially as every point of the video-making process will direct it to this purpose and nothing else. The next question you would probably be answering is

    • What do you want your audience to do after seeing the video?

    The call for action for a video is more important than any closing element. These two questions set a strong foundation for the video.

    Step 2: Video Scripting

    Once the team is ready with the purpose, allocate time for scripting the same. This step will save a lot of time during the editing process. It is always suggested to write a script as you write a post. List out all the points and prioritize them for clarity. You can also add any extra elements like ‘side effects that add value to your video.

    Once these two steps are completed, get on to shooting.

    Step 3: Shoot the video as per the script

    Step 4: Select a Suitable Video Editing Software

    Step 5: Edit the Video 

    Step 6: Watch the video with the Script 

    If the alignment is appropriate, add special effects and release the video. As you work on Step 6, check if the video is meeting the purpose of the video.

    Lastly, we recommend user feedback for any video you create. Pick any one from your organization who has not been involved in the process to see the video. Get their feedback as a user and learn from them. 

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