80% of the Vaccines Against COVID-19 that Costa Rica Receive in February Will be For People Over 58 Years of Age

    This as part of the first stage vaccination process in the country

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    In this way, the technical group agreed that the vaccines received from February will be dedicated 80% to Group 2 and the remaining 20% to continue with Group 1. Group 2 is made up of people aged 58 or over, regardless of whether or not they have any risk factors. The age verification will be carried out through the national or residence card.

    In addition, Group 2 will be vaccinated giving priority to the oldest elderly, advancing with vaccination appointments under the list from older to younger, without ruling out parallel strategies to expand vaccination opportunities for said group. While for Group 1, a division was made, establishing a group 1A that will be vaccinated in the first instance and a group 1B, which will be vaccinated at the end of group 1A.

    Group 1A is made up of workers from:

    • Hospitals, Health Areas, Clinics, Ebais, CAIS of the CCSS and private hospitals that have emergency services, intensive care units and care for Covid-19 patients
    • Regional or local levels of the Fund
    • Regional or local levels of the Ministry of Health
    • National Emergency Commission
    • Fire brigade
    • Red Cross
    • Police forces

    Group 1B is made up of workers from:

    Given that the delivery of vaccines against COVID-19 will be suspended until the second half of February, the National Commission for Vaccination and Epidemiology made a variation in the distribution of the immunization campaign.

    • Central level of the Ministry of Health
    • Central level of the CCSS
    • Administrative branches of the Fund
    • Central level of the Ministry of Public Security
    • Personnel of private health services that are not contemplated in 1A and that are duly registered with the respective professional association

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