7 Hills in Costa Rica that Every Guy Should Climb

    Of the most incredible hills that Costa Rica has.

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    Climbing a mountain goes beyond walking, sweating and watching. To climb a mountain many times is to conquer victorious a challenge that we imposed ourselves. It is to think of one and a thousand things; see around and appreciate the surroundings. Thank and reflect.

    Added to that, once, the French volcanologist and geologist, Haroun Tazieff, said: “Mountains help men to wake up sleeping dreams.”

    That’s why we decided to list the hills with incredible views that you can find in our country.

    Chiripo 1
    Chiripó Hill

    Cerro Chiripó

    With an altitude of 3,820 meters above sea level, Cerro Chirripó is the highest point in Costa Rica; which has an exuberant flora and fauna.

    The beginning of the trail to Cerro Chirripó is located 2.5km above the village of San Gerardo Rivas, which is an hour (20km of land) of Pérez Celedón (also known as San Isidro El General). Public transport only reaches the town of San Gerardo, where there are several lodgings, a small supermarket, the Park office and enough to go if you want to stay a few days. From there you should either walk or take a taxi to the beginning of the trail.

    Pelado Hill

    Cerro Pelado

    Almost one of the locations of the Lord of the Rings, where you can see the mountains unequaled. You can find Cerro Pelado.

    In this place, the wind combs the hair of all the mountains and causes a sensation in which it seems that it is not located in the province of Guanacaste.

    The view of this site is indescribable and causes one to simply not want to leave the place.

    There are two ways to get there:

    1. From the junction of Limonal 8 km towards Cañas, after passing the Javillo River the next entrance on the right and continue 14 km north to Solania.

    2. By Tilarán, 14 km to the east, crossing the villages of Lebanon, Maravilla, and Solania. In both ways, you can arrive in a single car, but it is more advisable one of four tractions.

    Child Forest
    Forest Reserve Greece – Child Forest

    Forest Reserve Greece- Child Forest

    The Forest Reserve Greece, Bosque del Niño, is a totally magical place. Where you can enter and simply stay the area to do picnics or play, for example, football.

    Similarly, you can go on the trails. They have four. The first is the path of the pines, in which you will have to walk less than a kilometer. The second is the nature trail, which is 1,782 meters. The third is a waterfall, which is about 900 meters from the junction of the nature trail. And finally, there is the Poás Volcano NP Trail, which is five kilometers of pure ascent.

    From the PN Volcán Poás trail, you can see the skirts of this volcano and witness an incredible view. Its altitude is 2,500 meters above sea level.

    From the School of Calle Rodríguez, San Isidro, Greece; 4 kilometers up.

    The entrance fee is ¢ 600. They open from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. at 4p.m.

    Cerro Cabeza de Vaca, Prussia

    Many times when talking about a ‘tourist’ nearby, comfortable and in theory, easy to do; is named the sector of Prussia.

    This incredible mystic place is ideal to go with family, have a picnic, distract from the sound of the city and in passing, admire the incredible that is the province of Cartago.

    Cabeza de Vaca Hill

    However, many ignore the fact that Prussia not only has the well-known path to the pine forest but also has a path that is longer, more complicated and harder to do. But of course, it has the best views.

    We are talking about Cerro Cabeza de Vaca, which has an altitude of 2,790 meters above sea level.

    To arrive here, you must enter the Sector Prussia, Volcano Irazú National Park; which is located in Tierra Blanca, Cartago; 4 kilometers north of the main entrance of Sanatorio Durán.

    Take into account that the park opens every day from 8 a.m. at 3:30 p.m. Along the Cerro Cabeza de Vaca road, it is recommended to arrive as early as possible in order to reach the top of this trail.

    The cost of entry is ¢ 1,000 for those over 12 years. ¢ 800 for children under 12. And $ 5 for foreigners. Citizens of Gold, do not pay.

    Pico Blanco Hill
    Pico Blanco Hill

    Cerro Pico Blanco

    This hill is characterized by its steep ascent. It is one of those preferred by people who love high-speed walking; since it is stated that 90% of the walk is costly.

    In this place, you will see incredible landscapes, trees, nature, plants and some animals.

    To start this adventure, you must arrive at Hoja Blanca, located five kilometers north of Escazú Cemetery.

    When you arrive at the place, you must walk about 10 kilometers, to reach the top and to be able to observe from there, a spectacular view.

    Cerro Pico Alto is the third highest mountain in Escazú; with an altitude of 2,271 meters above sea level.

    Ventolera Hill

    The Ventolera

    The Ventolera is an ideal place to spend a morning and/or afternoon, breathing clean air, doing a nice picnic and enjoying the view.

    The Ventolera is located in Bebedero, Escazú. To get here, there are two options:

    Bus: Take the Bebedero bus (they get to Escazú Centro, by the Walmart). You should get off at the last stop and walk 30 minutes towards Pico Blanco.

    Car (Only 4 × 4): From the last stop of Bebedero must go up to the beginning of Pico Blanco. Address in Waze.

    Admission is free.

    Cruz de Guatuso Hill

    The Cruz de Guatuso

    This beautiful place is located in the Puriscal sector; known for its spectacular and unique view. In which the other mountains of this sector are observed and if you run with luck and goes a clear day, you will be able to observe the sea.

    The distance to travel is about 10-12 kilometers. It all depends on where you want to go. Either the Cruz de Guatuso, the small stone cave or the Cataract.

    The address can be found in Waze.

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