47,000 under 18 Child Labor Workers in Costa Rica

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – At least 47,000 children under 18 work in Costa Rica, mainly in agriculture, which affects their access to education, said the Costa Rican minister of Labour, Olman Segura.

    “According to the National Household Survey, about 47,000 children work. Compared to other Latin American countries is relatively low, however, do not undervalue the figure because we believe that all children should be in schools and colleges,” Segura said to EFE.

    He explained that the most visible working children is in the cities, where they sell goods on the streets, but there is a large majority “invisible” performing agricultural work in rural areas.

    Segura recalled that last June 12 was celebrated the International Day Against Child Labour, which this year emphasized the domestic work that affects 10.5 million children in the world, according to the International Labour Organization ( ILO).

    The minister said that children who perform domestic work are “vulnerable to physical, psychological and sexual” and that “they are exposed to exploitative working conditions, isolated from their families and hidden from the public eye.”

    To combat child labor, said Segura, Costa Rica has set in motion several initiatives since 2010 as a legal reform that currently allows the Ministry of Labour officials conduct inspections in homes.

    This legal reform also prohibits a teenager sleep in a house where you work, who cares elderly or disabled.

    “We need to raise awareness of what this phenomenon means for the future of children. Child labor impoverishes families by limiting the development and understanding of children to access quality jobs,” said Segura.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
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