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    Learn Some Facts about Penis Enlargement Procedures

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    Penis enlargement is a treatment also known as penile augmentation. It refers to a variety of methods aimed at increasing the erectile rigidity, thickness, or length of the human penis. That is why it is also known as the treatment designed to boost a man’s ego.

    Since ancient times, it is believed that male ego consolidation is given by the length and size of their penis. This, for many civilizations, encloses the level of absolute masculinity that any man has.

    An important percentage of men often think about their penis size

    Many of these procedures of penis enlargement (or an increase of volume and size) go from manual exercises until devices for stretching and surgical treatments with positive reports in many parts of the world.

    What should a man, who decides to go through this process, fear?

    There are many requirements that a man must take into account when carrying out this process. It requires that many aspects must be taken into account at the time of starting the treatment since once it started up there will not be any back step. In this opportunity, we highlight the most important aspects if you want to be a candidate for a penis enlargement process, in any of its different forms.

    • To perform this process, it is very important to be over 21 years old.
    • Not being in the middle of other types of treatments such as diabetes treatments, high blood pressure, or antidepressants.
    • If prior to this penis enlargement process you have performed other practices with the intention of obtaining this same goal, it is not advisable to perform this stretching process.
    • Be circumcised.

    Let’s talk about surgery

    Today, there are 2 well-known methods with regard to penis enlargement surgery.

    Penis lengthening

    This is, until now, the most popular treatment; that is, the one that most men in the world perform to obtain truly longer penises.

    It consists of cutting the ligament that connects the penis with the bone of the pelvis. This action allows obtaining a little more of the body of the penis, making it be a few centimeters longer.

    As a curious fact, it is important to mention that to prevent the ligament from reconnecting naturally, the man who undergoes this surgery must have stretching devices or weights connected to the body of his penis on a daily basis, from 2 to 3 hours, for about 6 months after the intervention.

    Now, we invite you to learn more about this treatment:

    Medical care

    Generally, this process is ambulatory; that is, no hospitalization is required.


    In this case, the process to be applied is general anesthesia or sedation.

    Time spent during this medical procedure

    He returns home that same day, after the completion of the stretch. The medical follow-up is given 2 days later, to evaluate the stretching process and see that recovery occurs in the best possible way.

    Medical follow-up is important after this kind of procedure


    In most cases, the symptoms are mild or moderate. Non-aggressive analgesics are used to relieve pain and discomfort.

    Right in the middle of the process

    There is inflammation for the first 2 weeks. There is also the possibility that large-scale bruising may appear, especially in the most sensitive skin, as well as the sensation of moderate or intense pain caused by erections that are usually uncomfortable, at least during the first 2 weeks of this procedure.

    Positive results

    Immediate improvement with respect to circumference and flaccid length, together with the circumference in the erect state; improvement of the length when remaining erect. It is important to note that most of these changes are given 3 to 6 months after the intervention.

    Other treatments are:

    Penis enlargement

    This method was developed for men who believe they have a very thin penis. In the most demanding cases, this process can be carried out by thickening it with tissue grafts or by implanting fat or silicone in the penis.

    Vacuum pump for penile enlargement

    Vacuum pump to enlarge the penis

    This vacuum pump is a cylinder that is placed on the penis with a manual or motorized pump, which creates a partial vacuum around the penis and that usually thickens it as soon as the blood is extracted inside the penis.


    This method can be somehow risky. The goal of the penis is to stretch the penis with “homemade” methods, using clothespins and tight rings at the base of the penis for the purpose of contracting it to make it larger.


    This is a method of physical therapy designed to achieve the “natural” enlargement of the penis, by improving circulation and blood pressure. This process is performed by stroking the penis continuously and making an oppressive act of the base of the body; the crown of the glans. In this case, there are also devices that have been designed to achieve the same effect.

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