3 Tica Influencers that are Role Models for All of Us

    These Costa Rican Women have achieved success, learn their stories

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    It is no secret to anyone the rise that social networks have taken around the world and Costa Rica does not escape from this. That is why today we bring you a special on the Costa Rican influencers who are setting the tone in social networks and the internet, inspiring thousands of young people both natives and from abroad.

    The first one is Natalia Carvajal Sánchez, this model, beauty queen, actress, presenter, publicist, and literary student. She is recognized in Costa Rica for winning the 64th edition of Miss Costa Rica 2018 and representing her country in the Miss Universe 2018. However, in social networks, Natalia carries out motivational messages towards her followers. For her “The essence of life is not to show others everything we can be, but to develop the value to be our most transparent and real version. If we don’t have that right, we have nothing,” she states. In the same way, she inspires her followers with reflections, one of them is  “If our goals are material we are slaves of their expiration. If the ego is our engine, we are destined for dissatisfaction. If our circle of close people does not inspire us, then it is not a circle, it is a cage, from the other side of the world and between conversations with the mountains I welcome you to a new life, a new opportunity, the opportunity to stop believing and start understanding, the opportunity to stop catching and start finding, the opportunity to stop being and start growing, may the passing glow of attention never dull the true light in your heart.” This beautiful lady is also characterized by her messages in favor of the environment and recently wrote on her social network Instagram: “Costa Rica is 11 times larger at sea than on land and we have to understand the importance of having healthy oceans, pollution, global warming, and irresponsible fishing are destroying our ecosystems and it is our job as communicators to bring this problem closer to all Costa Ricans, for me the only way to be an influencer is by bringing to our attention issues that are vital to our survival and that of our planet, let’s be the voice of the sea,” said Natalia.

    Another influencer is Anna Marie Miller Pinto, better known as Nane Miller in the virtual world, she is a blogger who is passionate about the world of fashion, pop culture and current issues. Miller in her social networks shows herself naturally and is characterized by transmitting very real messages, which has undoubtedly influenced its followers. She comments “What I admire the most, and I try to project is transparency and honesty.” Likewise, she affirms that to be a successful influencer, you need to have confidence in yourself. She states “It is easy to get carried away by how others do things, but it is important to understand that what differentiates one from the rest is to stick to our essence and be as real as possible.” It is important to know that this ethical blogger is recognized for her knowledge in fashion and has been interviewed in several newspapers in the country and from outside. Also, she is a blogger for E! Online Latino and is a fashion reference for InStyle and Vogue Mexico.

    Another Costa Rican influencer is Leonora Jiménez who developed a successful career as an haute couture model in Europe. Although today she continues modeling, she is focusing on projects and productions of events related to fashion, design, and technology, thus promoting the growth of the creative industry in Costa Rica, positioning herself as one of the most important women entrepreneurs in the country. She is Director of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week San José and Guanacaste, also Director of TRAFFIC magazine. Leonora is also an environmental activist and conservationist. She currently competes in mountain biking and expresses in her social networks how proud she feels of it “Cycling has taught me that it is okay to fall but you have to get up, that the fear can condition you, but to overcome it, you can do things you didn’t think you could do with your capabilities” commented Leonora. In the same way, she says “I want to tell other women that they can achieve anything, I have six businesses, I employ 80 people and it doesn’t stop me from getting up at 4 a.m. to work out”.

    Without a doubt, these female influencers are the pride of Costa Rica, since they serve as role models of empowered women, achieving with their examples of overcoming obstacles, dedication, and effort, positive inspirational energy for Costa Rican women and the entire world.
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