10 Tips to Feed Your Spirit

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    Life is full of pleasant and unpleasant moments, but a strong spirit allows you to overcome difficulties and, above all, have personal and professional growth:

    1. Dance. Moving to upbeat music is one of the best ways to start clearing depression or apathy. The ideal is to get a dance group and start dancing, but if this is not possible you can start at home. Dancing alone stimulates confidence, spirit, and, above all, a vigorous attitude.

    2. Focus on the result you want to achieve. Not knowing where you are going wears you out. Action without purpose and direction is a waste of energy. It all starts with having a clear vision of the result you want to achieve. Successful people have a common habit: they guide their actions based on results.

    3. Practice yoga. Through postures, body movements, and proper breathing, you will release tensions or burdens in the body that could be obstructing your vitality.

    4. Look for your “I can”. You always can; you may not be able to do or achieve what you want at the time you want it, but you can always do something.

    5. Have faith in yourself. Faith is perhaps, along with passion, one of the most powerful forces to which human beings can connect. It is an inner resource that allows you to go further.

    6. Let off steam. Not all people want to hear your problems, but some friends and relatives do; they can offer you a solution or simply allow you to be heard, and free yourself from the burden you have.

    7. Breathe. One of the first physiological responses to change when your emotions transform is breathing. For example, when you start to get stressed your breathing becomes tighter and shallower. When you need to inject instant energy, just breathe; more oxygen in your body through deep breathing translates into greater energy generation.

    8. Meditate. It is an excellent way to take care of and enhance your energy. There are many types of meditation. One way to do this is to focus on your breath as an “anchor” for your mind. You simply close your eyes and place your attention on the process and its sensations of it.

    9. Return to your safe zone. When there are problems, it is good to get away from the toxic environment of it and return to your safe zone: home, office, the park, or the beach. Some problems need more time than others, taking a distance helps us to take a break and take energy from that place that makes us feel good.

    10. Everything happens. Nothing lasts forever and what is now the end of the world for you, in a couple of months will be an accumulated memory in your life experience. Everything has a solution, it is best to remember that with willpower and experience you can be stronger and better.

    A strong and balanced spirit is capable of giving you not only health but happiness. Find your balance and do not let yourself be defeated. And remember; life is only one. What do you think about it?

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