10 Extreme Adventures You Can Only Experience in Costa Rica

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    1. Swim in the Cerro Chato Volcano lagoon

    Located in the Arenal National Park, next to the famous Arenal Volcano, is the Laguna del Cerro Chato. Climbing to the top takes about 2 hours of walking through the jungle, on a route that is not easy at all. It is recommended to take a guide and be in good physical condition. In the end, you can relax by swimming in the lagoon.

    2. Extreme canopy and bungee jumping in Monteverde

    In Monteverde Extremo Park, Santa Elena, you will find this jewel for those who like strong emotions, movement, and speed at great heights. Some of its 10 steel cables reach 450 meters in height and lengths of 2,550′. It offers specialties such as the “Tarzan Swing” or the “Superman” zipline, in case you feel like flying 110 meters high and with a speed of 90 kilometers per hour!

    As if this were not enough, the park also has the highest bungee jumping in Central America: 143 meters from a mobile platform. There is a video service of the guides to record those moments that deserve to be preserved. Just watching the video makes me dizzy…

    3. Cerro de la Muerte (Hill of Death)

    Its name alone sounds intimidating, right? This 3,492-meter high massif is part of the Talamanca mountain range. It rises imposingly with its paramo vegetation and its legends of ghosts that appear and disappear on the road that crosses the hill marked by its sharp curves and hair-raising precipices. It is a very careful journey. However, not everything is so chilling, because the views of the Tapantí National Park are anthology, don’t you think?

    4. Diving in Coco’s Island National Park

    Coco’s Island is located 532 kilometers from the Pacific coast, in the province of Puntarenas. Access is not easy and it is quite expensive, but it is well worth the effort to reach this paradise of natural life, declared a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) due to its great biological diversity.

    Whale sharks, killer whales, dolphins, manta rays, white tip sharks, humpback whales, and turtles coexist there. It is considered a sanctuary for endangered species, such as the hammerhead shark and the Galapagos shark. They also inhabit several endemic species of birds and reptiles. Simply beautiful!

    5. Fly paragliding and paragliding in Nemaclys

    In Puerto Caldera, Puntarenas, just 1 hour from San José, the Nemaclys park offers you special packages to trigger your adrenaline. Highly recommend the designed stunts, if you have nerves of steel!

    6. Rappelling in Arenal Mundo Aventura

    You can do it around 30 meters in free fall in the middle of a humid tropical forest next to the Pino Blanco waterfall, and 50 meters on the wall and then ascend. Only for those who love extreme challenges.

    7. Rafting on the Pacuare River

    This river is born in the Talamanca mountain range and flows into the Caribbean. In dense vegetation, its rapids are considered excellent as they reach a 4-degree-of-difficulty. It is 18 well-trodden miles on one of the most beautiful rivers in Costa Rica.

    8. Surfing at Playa Negra

    It has always been known that Costa Rica is very visited by surfers from all over the world because we have beaches that lend themselves to the practice of this sport both amateur and professional. But if what you are looking for is to produce good adrenaline, go to Playa Negra, in Guanacaste, in the canton of Santa Cruz: its waves are famous among those who see the sea as a challenge to their skills.

    9. Climbing to Cerro Chirripó

    To climb Chirripó (located in the Cordillera de Talamanca), it is essential to be in good physical condition because climbing, hiking, and the cold environment are not for gentle people. It is required to have experience in all these types of activities such as camping, trekking, and the like. In addition, a series of forms must be filled out to guarantee the safety of visitors. After all, if you are going to climb the 3,820 meters of the highest peak in Costa Rica, it is better to do it with caution, don’t you think?

    10. Explore the largest underground lake in the country… It is only for experts!

    Costa Rica is full of incredible landscapes, many of them still unknown. It may not be for you if you are not a speleologist (someone who studies caves), but watch this video of the first exploration of Lake Lasca, the largest underground lake in the country, located in Ciudad Neily, canton of Corredores, (Puntarenas Sur). Between the descent and the ascent, these specialists took about 15 hours. It is an example of extreme adventure well worth mentioning!!

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