10 Common Car Accident Injuries


One of the most horrifying things that can happen is to get involved in a car crash. The irony is it may not be your fault, but that of the other driver! If you drive a car or any other vehicle, the Sword of Damocles always hangs over your neck, since a road is a dangerous place to be.

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Stressed Driver Sitting At Roadside After Traffic Accident

A microsecond of diverted attention behind the wheel or irresponsible driving of a drunk or drug addict may bring about a major accident. Serious car accidents can leave both the driver and the passengers with crippling injuries.

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Nevertheless, a car accident lawyer can be the best choice that you can make. Imagine yourself in a similar situation, stressed by the accident you may not make a decision, which will be in your best interest. Moreover, arguments or disagreements are frequent between related parties. To prevent yourself from further predicaments, you need to apply to professionals. Their concern about the client and dedication to justice will give you the desired result.

If you are the unfortunate victim of a car crash, your insurance company will probably provide compensation for your injuries. However, to ensure that you get your full dues, it is better to hire an experienced personal injury attorney.

Common car accident injuries

Let us have a look at the common car accident injuries:

#1 Whiplash

Imagine a car, driven rashly, comes crashing into your car’s rear end. The impact will make your head jerk violently back into the headrest and then forward with a great force, causing a whiplash. This results in neck pain, numbness, stiffness, and other associated problems.

#2 Fractures

In a high-impact collision, smashing your arm or leg against the car interior is quite possible, even if are secured with a seatbelt. In certain accidents, the car may become a mangled heap with you inside. All this may result in fractures that may require surgery to set them right.

Car accident injuries

#3 Head injuries

Head injuries in a violent car accident generally occur when either the head hits the roof of the car or the windscreen. Whatever be the case, these injuries are always fatal and should be attended to immediately.

#4 Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries happen when your car hits a median or another vehicle at high speed and overturns. Staying still, while paramedics arrive is essential, as it will save you from a permanent disability. In some instances, this injury may not be apparent initially but appear later.

#5 Injuries of neck and back

The degree of neck and back injuries depends upon the severity of the car crash. These must not be taken lightly and should be treated immediately. Such injuries affect the muscles, tendons, facet joints, nerves and discs of the neck and back. They may, at times, remain hidden for weeks or even months, and surface later.

#6 Bulging disc

Also called herniated disc, this injury occurs in the discs of the spinal cord. The primary purpose of these discs is to act as shock absorbers and to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing together. A violent car crash can move these discs out of place, causing bulging or tearing, resulting in intense pain and complications.

#7 Soft tissue damage

Even if you don’t sustain a fracture, the soft tissue surrounding your bones can get damaged. Since these injuries cannot be detected by imaging, they are harder to diagnose. It is important for the doctor to mention soft tissue injuries in the report so that you can claim injury damages.


#8 Burn injuries

Car accidents may often result in fire, and if you are unable to get out in time or get trapped or are in the process of being pulled out of your burning car, you can get severely burned. Burns are classified in degrees that may range from superficial outer layer burns to burns that cause permanent scarring and risk of infections.

#9 Internal bleeding

The impact of a car crash may leave you unscathed on the outside but cause internal bleeding. This is a life-threatening injury that needs to be controlled immediately. It requires a thorough internal inspection to pinpoint where the bleeding and injury has occurred.

#10 Shock

The most unrecognized malady resulting from a car crash is the shock that gives rise to other emotional problems. You may go into depression, have anxiety attacks, mood swings, sleep problems, and the like. If the accident is your fault, you may also feel guilty about it, thereby worsening your emotional well-being.


Dealing with injuries sustained in a car accident is daunting enough, medical bills that pile up also add to your woes. In such a scenario, it is always prudent to hire an experienced personal injury attorney, who will not only get you complete reparation for your injuries but will also fight your legal case.

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