Car Accidents As Deadly As Any Liver Disease

Speeding causes more car crashes than anything else

Speeding can be as dangerous as any liver disease like hepatitis and cirrhosis.

According to the most recent information from the Ministry of Health, car crashes and overturns are the fourth leading cause of death in the country.

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And to cop it all, new data reveals that traffic accidents are as deadly as any liver disease like hepatitis and cirrhosis which are in the first positions as the leading causes of death in Costa Rica.

Daniel Salas, Director of Epidemiologic Surveillance, stated that a total of car collisions have claimed 1,661 fatalities while 1,675 people have died of a liver disease. The gap is only 14.

“There are several factors we can talk about. One of them is the absence of public spiritedness, humillity, respect and love of life. If drivers incorporated all those values into their lives, I’m sure that we wouldn’t have so many fatalities regardless of the infrastructure and legislation problems” – Salas said.

The first two main causes of death in Costa Rica are the cardiovascular diseases and cancer. First and second place respectively.

Esteban Araya, an orthopedist surgeon, considered this increase of collisions alarming, especially the rise in number of motorcycle accidents.

In this scenario, the specialist said that it is necessary that drivers should be more cautious and change their mentality: “Nobody will overtake me”.

“There is no fear of death”

According to the traffic police, the two main factors are speeding and reckleness. They are the leading causes to a rise in number of auto accident fatalities.

“If you go through the Forensics Medicine reports, it is clear that they are two main causes of death” – said Mario Calderon, director of the traffic police department.

Besides that, he emphasized that most drivers are very reckless on the road.

“I’ve always said this, there’s no fear of death. Most people don’t pay attention to determining factors like driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. That’s really hazardous!” – he added.

Added to this, drivers use their phones and earphones when driving, which is such a dangerous combination.

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