Violence against Women in Costa Rica Fell by 65% in 2012

Costa Rica News – The National Women’s Institute show that during 2012 violence against women by dropped significantly in Costa Rica.

A total of 18 women were killed by their intimate partners in Costa Rica in 2012, a figure 65% lower than the number of murders recorded in 2011 (40), according to official figures released today.

Costa Rican Minister for the Status of Women, Maureen Clarke, said in a press conference that while the results are positive, there are still many steps to take to protect life and provide security for women living in violence.

Among the actions announced by the Executive highlighted the strengthening of shelters for women and their children and establish a connection to the database of the Ministry of Security to generate a quick response mechanism to the risk of death.

Clarke added that he has a plan for coordination with the judiciary and health institutions have mechanisms for early warning and tracking of domestic violence cases.

However, the minister emphasized as urgent the passage of a bill that seeks to put electronic bracelets men accused of assault to detect approaching women victims.

The president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla said that the 65% decrease in the last year femicide “is something to celebrate but not to feel that the job is done.”

“Every time a woman dies must ask what more we can do to protect them.” she added.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica

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