Government Announces Aggressive Policy to Attract Foreign Investment

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    Costa Rica News – Recently the government of Laura Chinchilla said that the national economy grew by 5% in 2012. The Monthly Index of Economic Activity predicts a slowdown in 2013.

    Subsequent reports and surveys completed in 2012 show Costa Ricans do not trust the government’s economic policy and management procedures.
    Chinchilla said her government will maintain the growth rate and to protect the national economy

    implementing an aggressive campaign and policies to attract foreign investment and international trade.

    The administration of Laura Chinchilla has had a successful Foreign Investment policy over the past 4 years and she says she will continue this effort in 2013.

    Laura Chinchilla also promised to advance infrastructure development though a comprehensive investment portfolio.

    As well she promised to boost the Social Security Fund and to reduce poverty.

    On the environmental front she pledges to continue her work in clean energy development.

    The largest obstacle her government faces is management and over site. The administration has met several cases of complete miss-appropriation of money, especially in the case of infrastructure projects and contract awards.

    We can expect to hear many more promise in 2013 as the election machine ramps up for the elections.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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