Hugo Chavez has "indefinite leave" and Will Not be Sworn In

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    Latin America News – The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was granted indefinite leave of absence, after the National Assembly received a communication from the Vice President announced that the president would not be present in Caracas January 10, a day marked by the Constitution for the swearing in of the new term of office.

    On Tuesday afternoon, the Assembly President, Diosdado Cabello, read the full communication by explaining that “medical recommendation” reelected the president cannot attend the ceremony due to recovering from a cancer operation he underwent the Last month in Havana.

    “The president has asked commander to report that, according to the recommendations of the medical team (…) the postoperative recovery process should extend beyond January 10,” the letter read by Cabello.

    The government majority in the Assembly approved leave “until you can return to the situation arises” posing.

    “President Chavez, this honorable Assembly grants you all the time you need to address their illness and return to Venezuela when supervening cause is gone,” said Cabello then approved the agreement and concluded: “Beware, President, God bless you. “

    In the letter sent to parliament by Maduro, is requested to allow Chavez sworn in before the Supreme Court, as provided for in Article 231 of the Constitution, although no date is needed.

    Although there will be no swearing in ceremony, the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) has called an act of popular support for the ailing president.

    No details have been released about the event which seeks to “confirm the electoral victory” of Chavez, but it was reported that Latina America presidents, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and Uruguay, José Mujica, will be present in Caracas to “express solidarity (…) the Venezuelan government and its people. “

    During the parliamentary session, opposition lawmaker Miguel Angel Rodriguez, expressed surprise that the letter announcing the president’s absence was not sent or signed by President Chavez.

    The deputy said that the president himself announced his relapse the night of December 8, said “(the vice president) Nicolas Maduro should not only end of the period, as mandated by the Constitution, but, in my opinion firm, full as the moon full, irrevocable, absolute, total, in that scenario would force as mandated by the Constitution to call back to the presidential elections, he was elected as president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela “.

    He also assured that in the coming days the opposition bloc will form a medical board to determine the health situation of President Hugo Chavez and conclude the extent of the health issue.

    Chavez has not been seen in public, or communicated directly, since the December 11 quarter underwent cancer surgery in Havana, Cuba.

    On Monday, the Minister of Communication and Information Venezuelan Ernesto Villegas, informed the president that the situation is “stationary” and said it is still subject to strict treatment.

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