Green Day Concert in Costa Rica October 29th

TCRN Staff:

Green Day is coming to Costa Rica! The Latin Tour is expected to be a sold out event.

Because the facilities are inadequate, many bands overlook Costa Rica, and as well it takes a lot of organising and professionalism to attract big bands, and organization has not been Costa Rica strongest skill set! It’s anticipated that the new Stadium in La Sabana will attract more attention in the future.

Producers and organizers have run shows a little more smoothly and this has worked to Costa Rica perception in the industry.

Evenpro confirmed the band will play on the 29th October in the Ricardo Saprissa Stadium.

Tickets:, Servimas in the Mas por Menos supermarkets, musical instrument shops, Bansbach and in the shops Gollo arounf San Jose.

For more information, call 22 06 77 70

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