YouTubers: The New Celebrities of The Digital Age

Having your channel on the Youtube platform can produce many positive outcomes for its creators

“Youtubers” is the term used for people who upload videos to the Youtube platform regularly. The Youtubers that are more constant and have many subscribers may become a type of celebrity on the Internet. The fame of YouTubers is based on the content that raises their number of followers, mainly showing off their charisma, humor, skills, among others attributes.

When the channels of these Youtubers reach a certain number of subscribers, they call upon the attention of sponsors. Upon reaching this profile, commercial or institutional brands can sponsor those channels through advertising or collaborations. Youtubers include their sponsors creatively and directly in their videos. In some cases, some Youtubers are thematic, to include sponsored products, for exampĺe, and they can include culinary products in their videos.

Nowadays Youtubers have become a source of entertainment and information for the millennial generation and they are extremely influential for the Internet economy since they review, think, criticize and recommend countless products and services. The origin of the word Youtubers derives directly from the platform of Youtube Videos.

The history of Youtubers goes back practically to the origins of the same platform. This has been activated since mid-February 2005 and was created by Chard Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim. They were the creators of the first Youtube channels that year. The first Youtube videos at that time focused on different forms of talent and entertainment. Within a few years, Youtube was gaining popularity on the Internet, even launching a partner program. This program consisted of a kind of exchange contract for income from advertising. This program allowed its users to win ads to the videos that were uploaded to Youtube.

The character of celebrities that some YouTubers have does not compare with that of other multi-media celebrities. Youtubers are ordinary people who are more identifiable and accessible. According to a recent academic study, the influence of these Youtubers in some cases is much greater than other celebrities.

YouTubers have the main objective to elaborate videos and upload them to their channels on Youtube. Whatever the themes, they are oriented to a kind of public, that is, its usefulness does not go beyond the specific target audience, except for companies, which can take advantage of these targets and its contents to get a strong boost in sales or its presence on the Internet.

Given the high dissemination power of Youtubers, companies have seen in them the best allies to make themselves known among different audiences and capture many more looks and likes than through other channels. It also serves so they can approach a younger audience very familiar with the modern digital environment.

There are as many examples of Youtubers as there can be channels on Youtube. However, we will give specific names with which to illustrate how this figure, that has been so shortly active, and that has shown so much potential in the few years, has.

Types of Youtubers:

Youtubers Creators

These types of Youtubers are the ones cataloged as artists and are the same ones that create their videos, using which they seek to show the world the fact that they know how to create original content regardless of what this may be. These videos are very popular because they bring great innovative ideas.

Youtubers Consumers

The consumer users are those who have in their hands the decision to consume and observe everything they want, through the network, like certain commercial or amateur products and designs. There is no limit for them since they do not have any type of (pre)programmers.

Youtubers Informants

The informative Youtubers are as their name implies those who seek to inform other users of any topic that is currently in trend. This can cover topics that range from the most common of entertainment to breaking real-world news.

YouTubers with power

These users are those who have their projects, which they create from their videos. It is said that they have power since from the Youtube platform they can access wherever they want.

Social and Political Youtubers

They are those who seek to gain fame through the Youtube platform directly so that thanks to it they can massively access the entire wide-range public. With this, they look for many visits and thus are able to earn many profits.

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